Here's how to make the receiver pay for your call (MTN, Airtel, Globacom & 9Mobile).


Please Note:

Making the receiver pay for your calls is 100% legal because it requires the permission of whom you're requesting to pay for the call if not i shouldn't dare share it. Please understand.

Good evening great friends. It's @barnabie once again with another tech post precisely computing.

In today's post dear friends, I wish to educate some of you in steps on how to make the receiver pay for your call to him/her.

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Why I decided to write about this

There maybe once in awhile when we find ourselves in a situation where there's not even call card left in out phone. I never pray we should thou, but this is likewise to occur particularly to students.

A situation where you've run out of airtime to pass an important message, sometimes very urgent to one another either a friend, family member or mate and you've also exceeded your borrow credit limit is when you will know that this method of asking the receiver to pay for your calls is very important.

Like I said earlier in the beginning, this method of requesting for the receiver to pay for your calls has to do with the consent of the person that's going to pay. Without further ado may I walk you through the process:

Make the receiver pay for your calls on MTN

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On Mobile Telephone Network (MTN) this service of asking the receiver to pay for the call is called "MTN Collect Call". The service let's you make call with your any of your relatives who also uses MTN sim card while they pay for the call.

The activation process is quite simple. As simple as dialing * 121 * the person's phone number then #. For example: * 121 * 0813 381 6159#.

  • Important notice: There are certain conditions that will make this work, Viz:
  • You and your targeted caller must be in "Allowed Tariff Plan"
  • Your targeted caller must have enough airtime. And if all the aforementioned qualifications are met, you should get like

" Your call is in progress kindly wait while your call is being processed ... "

Now the person you're calling will receive a welcome message the following options; Press:

  • 1 To accept
  • 2 To Reject
  • 3 To affect and add to whitelist and
  • 4 To Reject and add to blacklist

Now, any option the targeted receiver chose will determine what will happen next and if he/she chose 1 then the call will connect.

Make the receiver pay for your calls on Airtel

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Pay for me on Airtel is quite different and maybe easier. Just dial # before the person's phone Airtel number . For example #07021757364.

The person will receive your call and after that, will get debit message of the call he/she has made.

Make the receiver pay for your calls on Globacom (GLO)

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On Globacom network, if you want the receiver to pay for your calls kindly dial 7733 before the person's phone number. For example if you wish to call 07054984592 just dial 773307054984591.

On GLO, it's called Pay4me and this service is available for all GLO prepaid numbers. After dialing the number,a message of permission will be sent to the receiver and if he or she accepts then you will start the communication.

Make the receiver pay for your calls on 9Mobile

iMarkup_20220318_210340.jpg Screenshot of dialer from my phone

As of the time of writing this, I don't know the exact code for Pay4me on 9mobile as it's not yet revealed..maybe. Alternatively, you can consider sending a call me back message which works somehow similar. The cool thing is that, you can send the message even when you don't have airtime and also to about 2 or more people.

Just dial * 266 * 1 * (the person's phone number) then #. It's that simple to understand.


Like I always says in my tech content, make use of these trucks and hacks which I do reveal to you the best way even beyond my understanding.

And if in any case you encounter any problem while doing so, always remember that I'm active in the comment section for your questions, suggestions and as well feedbacks. Thanks.

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Bless us all


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