How do you know this person is emotionally right for you?

In the last few days, the number of family problems and cases in family courts has doubled, the number of abused wives has increased - not to mention abused husbands and has not confessed because of fear that society will ridicule their manhood -


the number of the mentally displaced and the family doubled, and then the concept of healthy relationships became a cultural invasion of Arab culture that was not felt to be indebted to Before that fork and clarification, perhaps because we as Arabs haven't been a cultural product lately had, but there is nothing wrong with our trees that started to bear fruit and led society to the fall of some corrupt masks. When it appears on the surface to sift and fall, you cannot build on a corrupt foundation, so it makes sense to see what happens Now that concepts and logical screening have improved, it is better for us to admit that the first building block of a good society or a good individual in general is the family we grew up in and the relationships we seek and accept are evidence of our great mental and mental health.

So let's ask, how do you know that, in principle, this person is right for you? There are basic signs that psychologists have introduced that keep your mind focused on knowing whether or not this is right for you, regardless of the initial attraction that begins before an in-depth knowledge:

1-You love the person you are while with that person, that is, you are on your side and you love this attribute and you are not ashamed of being around.

2- You trust each other, so your mind is not occupied with explaining everything and guarding against every movement and word

3- You can endure three things that make you angry and accept them with a generous chest, just because, of course, they are not insults or the like, but ordinary personal differences

4- You are at peace with myself, that is, you do not feel threatened by it

5- You can talk about anything that threatens or upset you without fear of loss or reaction

6- You seem ready to make an effort to make the relationship work

7- They share the same values ​​and principles and have many common goals and ways of life

8- You feel confident enough to show your weaknesses and expose your weaknesses and psychological fears

These were some of the points that psychologists prefer to give you clues as to the suitability of the person in front of you for a real emotional relationship. Do you have your own signs that indicate the person's suitability for you?


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