How to Save The Human Race and Earth - Before It Is Too Late!

Source: NPR

The Earth is Dying and it is our fault!

Yeah I know what you are thinking but it is true. I am not talking about Global Warming or what ever name people use to describe it today. I am talking about us (human beings) destroying the land, the plants/animals that sustain us, poisoning and polluting the waters, poisoning the atmosphere with toxic chemicals that destroy the Ozone Layer that protects all life on this planet.
We as sentient beings show little regard for other life on our planet and even less regard for our planet itself. If we do not "change our ways" with drastic measure in the next couple decades it will be too late. The Wildfires, earthquakes, hurricanes, tornado's will continue to worsen. Droughts, plagues and famine will continue to become more common and deadly. The atmosphere will continue to thin until Earth can no longer support most plant/animal life. If we do not "change our ways" soon our planet will become a barren waste land like Mars within the next 100-150 years with the only life left on this planet being sub-surface microbes.
Sadly, we have the technology, the ability and the means to stop destroying Earth. We have the technology, the ability and the means to repair the damage we have done to Earth. As you read on I will attempt to illustrate the steps we need to take 'IMMEDIATELY' in order to Save this planet and insure the long term survival of the Human Race.

How can we save planet Earth?

There are a few things that can be done, right now, that would drastically increase Earth's ability to "heal itself"; even with humans still being humans. Those steps include:

  • Make All Fossil Fuels Illegal - This includes gasoline, natural gases, petroleum (pumped out of the Earth), Coal, Wood and so forth that are used in the propulsion of cars/trucks/boats/planes/etc. for energy/heat production.
  • Make All Logging/Deforestation/Terrain Altering Illegal - This includes cutting down any trees for the purpose of changing the terrain, creating products made from the wood.
  • Condense the Population - Right now there are 7+ billion people on Earth living in Millions of Towns/Villages/Cities around the planet with roads, power lines, etc. ripping through the continents. If we instead built a few dozen massive cities in extremely geologically stable areas and relocated all of Earth's population (except primitive non-technologically advanced societies) to these cities we could remove/demolish all Man Made structures outside those new cities and allow nature to reclaim the majority of the planet. These cities would need to be fully self-contained, self-sufficient and capable of housing 1 billion people each (to allow for population expansion). All the cities would be interconnected via Satellite Internet/Communication networks as well as via aircraft.
  • Eliminate all forms of Chemical/Solid Fuel Propulsion - This is mainly targeting space craft, rockets and airplanes. This would allow the atmosphere/ozone layer to heal. We have the technology to produce all electric (battery/nuclear) powered aircraft and space craft.
  • Build a massive space station in Orbit of Earth capable of housing 100,000+ humans as well as processing, refining and turning minerals/ores into usable resources for Earth's population. This station would also include a docking ring capable of handling 100+ space ships at any given time.
  • Build a fleet of space mining ships in Orbit - These would be used to mine valuable resources needed to sustain the population on Earth from Comets, Meteors, Asteroid Belts, Saturn's Rings, etc. The raw mined materials would be brought to the Space Station (from above) and processed into useable resources and then transported to the various cities on Earth needing those resources.
  • Outlaw all mining on Planet Earth - no longer would anyone be allowed to dig, drill, bulldoze or otherwise seek raw materials/ores/minerals on Earth. All mining would be done Off-World.
  • Build underground/underwater Hyperloop style cargo/passenger transportation systems between all cities on Earth. These would be used to rapidly and safely transport anyone or anything between cities.
  • Build a massive Space Elevator between the space station (mentioned earlier) and one of the cities on Earth. This would be used to ferry passengers/cargo between the space station and the planet's surface. It would also be used to transfer any hazardous materials/chemicals to the space station so it can be disposed of Off-World by one of the mining ships. There are numerous celestial objects in our solar system with no life that could be used of to dump our hazardous waste and not pollute any inhabited places.
    If all the technological advanced cultures/countries/people of Earth united and worked together all of the above steps could be finished in 20-30 years. By the time these steps are all completed Mother Nature would have reclaimed the majority of Planet Earth and it would be unrecognizable from how it appears today! Not only that but by completing these steps we guarantee that we have the ability, cooperation, resources, technology and desire to complete the steps outlined below in "Ensuring humanities long term survival".

Ensuring Humanities Long Term Survival

* Build a Space-Based Planetary Defense System in Orbit Around Earth, the Moon and Mars - This would be a mixture of several hundred satellite defense platforms all interconnected via laser communications. It would consist of High Energy weapons like Laser/Plasma/Sound weapons currently in use or development. All powered by small nuclear reactors contained in each Weapons Platform and augmented by Solar Panels (if needed). The primary function of this Planetary Defense System would be to protect Inhabited celestial objects from comets, meteors and asteroids that threaten to impact them and cause an Extinction Level Event.
* Build Off-Earth Colonies - This would consist of 4-10 Massive Cities (similar to the ones built on Earth) on the surface of Earth's moon. It would also consist of 20+ Massive Cities (similar to the ones build on Earth) on the surface of Mars. This would increase the total population capacity for Humans to 40+ billion people. All the cities on the Moon and Mars would be interconnected via underground Hyperloop transportation systems.
* Build a second massive space station in Orbit around Earth connected to a city on Earth via a second space elevator. This would be used to rapidly deploy people, materials, resources and cargo between Earth and Space for transport to/from the Moon or Mars.
* Build a third massive space station in Orbit around Mars to act as both a relay station for passengers, cargo, resources and supplies as well as a secondary processing/refining station for materials mined. This station would also be connected to a city on Mars via a Space Elevator.
* Build a docking station on the Moon. This would be used for all passenger/cargo ships to land on the moon and transfer passengers/cargo to/from any city on the moon via underground Hyper Loop transportation systems.
* Build 50 more Mining ships to be based from the Mars Orbital Relay Station to mine materials, ores and other resources from celestial objects in our solar system.
* Build a fleet of 100 Passenger/Cargo ships to routinely operate between Earth, the Moon and Mars as well as any other manned colonies that are built inside our solar system.
If all the steps in 'How can we save planet Earth?' are completed then the steps in 'Ensuring Humanities Long Term Survival' could also be completed in 20-30 years. Additionally, by the time all these steps outlined above are completed Humanity would have grown from 7+ billion to 20+ billion and be spread across the Earth, the Moon, Mars and multiple Space Stations as well as several hundred Space Ships. This process would also eliminate things such as:
* Poverty/Homelessness - everyone would contribute and everyone would have a safe place to live, good food/medicine and equal access to resources, clothing, entertainment, transportation, etc.
* Currency - there would be no need for currency of any kind (FIAT or DIGITAL) as everyone would share equally in the continued survival/growth of the human race.
* Extended work weeks - no one would have to work more than a few hours a week to "help" their city, space station or ship continue to function.
* Disease/Illness - Within 50 years of starting such an undertaking the medical and technological advances that would be achieved would virtually eliminate all diseases and illnesses and allow for near instant repair/healing of most injuries.
This process would also lead to such things as:
* Medical breakthroughs that drastically improve and extend the human lifespan. Imagine being perfectly healthy and disease/illness free for 200-300 years or longer.
* Technological breakthroughs such as: Interstellar space travel (FTL), Fusion Power Production, the construction of a Dyson Sphere around our sun to protect the entire solar system from Solar Flares as well as generate enough power to power 100,000 cities of 1 billion people each as well as every form of transportation in the solar system.
The simple fact of the matter is, "It is not a matter of if we should do it" it is a matter of "will we do it before it is too late?"! We must unite, work together and if we do in 50 years we could achieve more than Humanity has achieved in it's entire history!


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