I Wish My Phone and Laptops was More Modular

I think much of the hardware and laptops come with far too much hardware that one may never come to use. I was talking to a friend today who bought a Surface Pro purely for its weight. I think that's fine, but with all the bells and whistles that come along with the Surface pro, won't it be cool to buy a phone or a laptop in which you can choose the hardware that you want?

You Could Lower the Cost of the Product

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I think in certain products, such as smartphones or computers, the screen can be a huge factor in its high price tag. Take new smartphones, for example, 4k displays can cost a little more as compared to those with conventional displays. The same applies to computers as well.

A touchscreen computer may cost a little more when compared to non-touchscreen ones. Hence, if you are unable to do away with these components, you may have unwanted components forced upon you.

In addition, this could also save costs as well. Plus, you could be part of the modularity revolution!

Modularity Speeds Up Innovation

I think if modularity was introduced or made as a requirement, eventually, large manufacturers will have to build hardware and platforms that accommodate modularity. While this may not be present with current innovation, it will eventually once it is made a requirement be it by the industry or regulation.

Modularity also can potentially add a longer life span to devices. Imagine if you are able to replace old components of smartphones with newer components, won't it be cool, to keep your smartphone for ten years by constantly replacing its parts. While this is possible with desktop computers, laptops and smartphones can be rather impossible.

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It Can Be Hard to Mass Produce This

I suppose on the flip side of things, it can be very difficult to mass-produce the different kinds of hardware with different specifications. I know DELL tried doing it to a certain degree of success in my country. However, the customization was limited. Furthermore, certain components are built into the "base" of it, making it hard to do away with those.

For example, if I did not want a touchscreen, there was no way I could request for one to not be there.


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