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The activation lock, the Apple ID, and the password of the iCloud account get locked when the iCloud account's security gets threatened. After the activation lock gets locked, the iCloud account is already locked, and the user has to stay on the activation screen of the iCloud account. To activate the iCloud account, the users have to unlock the iCloud account without damaging it. If you are searching for a technique that is suitable to activate the locked iCloud account, you can use the method, the iCloud Bypass in unlocking the iCloud account. The iCloud Bypass is a reliable and experienced method in activating iCloud accounts.

The use of the iCloud Bypass method will be useful in unlocking the iCloud account. All users who are not able to have the iCloud account activated can go ahead with the iCloud Bypass and have the iCloud account unlocked. On the iCloud Unlock method, the users are not tired by using and running it because the system is helpful as it guiding the users with guidelines that are suitable and helping users to complete the system of Bypass.

As a security feature, after the iCloud account gets locked, the Apple device gets locked. As when the Apple device gets locked, the user cannot get inside the Apple device and using it, the iCloud Bypass method will unlock the iCloud account and the Apple device. All users who are having iCloud locked trouble can get out from the iCloud locked issue by using the iCloud Bypass method.

How to use the iCloud Bypass method?

The iCloud Bypass method can easily be used by each troubled user as the process is simple. When the user is proceeding with the iCloud Unlock method, the IMEI number must use in accessing the iCloud account.

The IMEI number of the Apple device where the locked iCloud account locates use in accessing the iCloud account as the IMEI number can connect the locked iCloud account from the iCloud server. The user has to use the correct IMEI number on the given space and make the iCloud active.

As most of the users are not aware of the IMEI number, first get the IMEI number out of the iDevice. Dial 1*#06#

Settings -> General -> IMEI number

When the Apple device gets locked due to the locked iCloud issue, Tap the "i" icon displaying on the activation screen of the Apple device.

All users who are stuck on the iCloud account can begin the iCloud Bypass with the IMEI number, and just have to follow the given steps on the system. After connecting the Apple device to a desktop or a personal computer, complete all steps given on the system and complete the iCloud Unlock. When the user finishes the procedure, a confirmation email will receive to confirm the Bypass.

What are the features of the iCloud Bypass method?

The iCloud Bypass method is full of features that help access the iCloud account when proceeding with the related system.

The most important feature related to the iCloud Bypass method is that the procedure is compatible with all iDevices. As the supported devices, these can name. The iPad, iPods, Apple Watches, and iPhones like iPhone 12 Pro Max, iPhone 12 Pro, iPhone 12, iPhone 11 Pro Max, iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone 11, iPhone XR, iPhone X, iPhone SE 2md Generation, and all iPhone versions up to iPhone 4.

And, the security over the system of iCloud Bypass is high to provide a secure background to all users that is free from bugs and viruses. When having the Bypass, the data will not get deleted or damaged because the security system secures the data on the iCloud account without letting them leak or damage.

Use a strong internet connection to complete the iCloud Unlock method because the procedure runs as an online method. The online process is significant and reliable to use. No harsh methods like downloading the tools, software and installing them on the related device.

The guidelines shown on the steps will guide the users with the correct path to be completed. All users can go through the supportive guidelines without having technical help from other personalities.

Why does the activation lock get locked?

The activation lock is a sensitive feature that secures the iCloud account from all actions that are illegal to iCloud guidelines. The activation lock of the iCloud account gets locked when the user does not use the activation lock on time and in the correct instance of iCloud login.

If the user forgets the activation lock of the iCloud account while accessing it, the iCloud account gets locked. And, when purchasing the second-hand Apple device, the iCloud account gets locked because the user is unaware of the activation lock details. And, when the iDevice gets misplaced, the locked issue arises when the user does not use the Apple ID in accessing the iCloud account from another device.

The Conclusion

All troubled users who have the iCloud locked issue can use the iCloud Bypass method and get the iCloud account activated.


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