Importance of Technology in Education

Technology which is known as technology in English is derived from a Greek word 'technologia', where 'tech' is used for arts, crafts, skills etc. and the word 'logy' is for interest in the subject . I can incorporate technology as a platform that can work according to our needs. When we combine education with technology, you can imagine how easy it is for us.

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Technology provides a digital platform and nowadays it has become an important part of our life. Wherever we go we use technology. Schools are running with the new tag of smart classrooms and these smart classrooms are the best example of technology.

The use of technology has made education easier as well as interesting. Usually, children do not like going to school, but since these smart classes have started, they just like to stay there. Apart from these smart classrooms, there is a lot more software available for educational purposes.

The software keeps us updated and helps us learn new things. Although there are still both positive and negative aspects of using technology, and we expect the best. Various topics are available on YouTube and many educational apps are available. We can read from them and learn many new things daily.

I really like reading from an app, and it's designed in such a way that I quite love it. It attracts many of us and encourages us to study and also makes education easier.

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Technology is helpful in many ways, especially in terms of education. It helps students to develop interest and learn new things. Nowadays even a newborn child gets used to the mobile phone and when the children get their education on these platforms, they will definitely like it.

Education should not be limited to books only, try to explore your knowledge and try something new. Times have changed and the mode of education should also change and students should be given a chance to learn something new and interesting and technology makes it possible.


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