Impossible to Violate Survival Law of Nature

You cannot kill mosquitos by spraying enough poisons; you cannot kill bacteria 100% with any kind of antibiotics; you cannot kill all rats in the world by any mean. Law of nature balance out. As deadly and unpleasant as malaria from mosquitoes and cholera spread by flies, human populations in the area develop their own immune to rebalance the tip-of-scale events. Just exercise, keep yourself strong, take vitamins, and eat what your body needs (learn how) and your body’s God made medicine manufacturing factory within will create its own medicines!

Idiots so-called scientists have tried to kill those I described above, they have failed consistently on timeline! The more they tried to kill mosquitoes, the more the mosquitoes population evolved quicker and harder (like super mosquitoes); the more they tried to use antibiotics, the quicker that particular type antibiotic became useless and super bacteria emerged; the more idiots in major cities of the world tried to kill the rats, the harder-to-kill super rat population came back. Why am I writing this? Idiots formulating “booster” COVID vaccines saying it will take care of the problems previous one couldn’t. They didn’t learn from those events in history and Law of Nature. In fact, I am very positive, this so-called “delta variant” COVID evolved from their stupid vaccines! The viruses and bacteria in the world will always exist and they will keep evolving, but so the defense mechanism of other living organisms, especially the humans. No stupid hippie scientist’s vaccine and advice is needed on this matter. Lastly, no man-made vaccine should ever be manufactured in labs like what has been prevailing as modern medical trends. The medical fields should invest in collecting/reproducing anti-bodies from human populations that overcame the epidemics. The fact that any vaccine contain heavy-metals is enough info not to take them. So-called expert scientists warn people not to eat fish at certain location because they contain mercury and other heavy metals that mainly enter through digestive system (easier for body to get rid off), but those are nothing compared to heavy metals in vaccine injected through tissues or blood streams that have very poor excretory system. No one knows what else they put in (especially stupid politicians who advocate them, most barely passed their biology and chemistry classes); and not even the makers know what their shit vaccine will become of in time when it became exposed to various conditions and elements in the world.


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