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PreSchool Enrichment Program combines the Artistic Curriculum with the A Beka Ebook Curriculum which provides an outstanding curriculum and textbooks built on a foundation of academic excellence and Christian character coaching. Students benefit from a treasury of textbooks and teaching supplies that mirror the perfect in conventional schooling, comprehensive curriculum, and eternal truths.

Our mission is to empower and enrich adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities, enabling them to develop as individuals, reside with dignity and have decisions in how they fulfill their lives. We dwell out our mission by providing a variety of packages that permit individuals to earn a living, be acknowledged for their inventive expertise, and live as independently as they wish to dwell.

You usually see children making letters with play dough… we did that with bread dough after which ate it! (This was a part of our B day all about Jack & the Beanstalk, beans and extra!) We "transformed the room" for our fairy tale unit with an enormous beanstalk and the youngsters made their own craft of Jack climbing as much as the giant’s castle! Enjoyable! Right here was once we did the Emperor’s New Clothes. 🙂 We read tales from Treasury of Classic Children’s Stories for this unit. (affiliate link)

To (inductively) research a frog, you first go to a river or creek bank the place frogs live. You watch their eggs hatch and the tadpoles emerge. You see their back and entrance legs develop and grow, till they appear like frogs and depart the water. After observing how the frogs reply to their new life on land, you catch one and observe it extra carefully. Ultimately, you are taking it to the biology lab where you dissect it to see how it seems on the inside. Afterward, you read what different biologists have discovered about frogs to see if your conclusions match (p. 10).