Industry 4.0 in Food Industry of post-Covid era

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I do not stop in my research, I feel the great need to be informed, to be up to date with technology and the latest advances. In recent days I have thought a lot about how the pandemic could be affecting the area of food production, not only due to the fact that the work centers and production centers are partially isolated and with less influx of employees, I have also thought about the mutation of pathogens and possible chains of infections associated with production chains and food distribution chains.

Let's be clear, food is manipulated by humans from harvest, production, packaging and distribution ..!

Realistically, no isolation mechanism or disinfection method is truly foolproof, so we must always have some foresight that goes beyond what is humanly possible, and I'm talking about the fact that we have to rely on prediction technology now more than ever.


In agricultural and food matters, what could we predict using technology?

First, the fundamental tool that could help us is "Machine Learning" with which we can process digital images that will give us anticipated answers.

In terms of food, micro-biological control is essential, for example, fruit and vegetable crops are often hit by pests that could cause total production to be lost if they are not detected and attacked in time, in this case by reading digital images of samples processed microscopically in Petri dishes, with Machine Learning, colonies of bacteria, fungi and any other element that could be putting a harvest at risk could be detected.

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But not everything remains in early detection in terms of food safety, it is also possible to detect the quality and pulp of the fruits, optimal maturity for harvesting and collection, as well as the use for other derivative products such as preserves, prepackaged pulps, frozen products, etc.

With this we approach the great possibility of improving automation processes in terms of quality control


What do we get positive in all this?

I believe that the most important thing is to control the quality of the products we consume, our food must be verified before going to the market as suitable for human consumption, it is necessary to mark specific controls that were previously carried out through the perceptual control of employees but being Honestly, it is necessary to be more strict, it is necessary to go beyond what the "human eye" can detect.

The key points towards the use of artificial intelligence (AI) to improve quality control processes, and to place “healthy and safe” products in our markets.

The second key is found in the faithful reproduction of well-constituted databases, since Machine Learning can distinguish elements and interpret information "in real time" to give increasingly precise answers and conclusions and with a minimum margin of error.

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