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A few days ago, I read a post written by @tomoyan. It had to do with Presearch and how they are soon about to reward people running nodes. Guess what? After reading his article, I felt so inspired and I couldn't stand against the temptation... I had to setup my very own Presearch node!

I already have experience running some Ethereum nodes as a part of the StrongBlock project, but as I heard about how easy it was to setup a Presearch node, I couldn't stand against the temptation.

presearch node.jpg

To run an Ethereum node...

To run an Ethereum node, you need a fast Internet connection, an SSD drive with at least 500 GB of disk space (but due to the giant number of transactions, I guess I would go for a minimum of 600 GB or more right now), and a fast processor and quite a lot of memory.

To run a Preserch node...

But, to run a Presearch node you don't need a fast connection, and you don't need much disk space. That is why I discovered a VPS offering their cheapest package for $3 per month, and I decided to run a Presearch node on one such drive. You can read the full instructions on how to setup a Presearch node on a VPS right here. It only took a few minutes for the SSD to get ready, and then I ran 7-8 command lines using Putty (SSH), and the node was up and running.

I had to register at the Presearch website to run a node. It took 24 hours to receive a confirmation from the team that I can run a node. Once you have the confirmation, you will receive a registration code that is needed to run the actual node.

My Presearch node is up and running!

So, now the node is up and running, and I have already served a few search requests with my node. Soon, node runners are supposed to be rewarded for running the node, but they haven't started with the rewards yet. But, still - $3 per month to run a node and be a part of an exciting project, and to learn something new... that isn't really much!

Thank you for all those inspiring articles!

Once again, thank you everyone here in Project Hope for those inspiring and interesting articles. It is so awesome that we can learn from one another, get tips and advice, and learn!! Have a blessed day :)


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