Introduction About Motherboard

Computers are a wonderful invention of modern science. Most of our people now use computers. A computer has two parts. One is hardware and the other is software. Today I will discuss about the motherboard which is the part of computer .


Source It is motherboard

The motherboard is a part of the computer. All of the computer's main hardware components are connected to the motherboard. The motherboard is basically a printed circuit board. The picture above is the motherboard. The components of the motherboard can be of different sizes. will discuss the components of the motherboard step by step below.



Source It is PS / 2 port

The name of the port shown in the figure above is PS / 2 port. This port is connected to the motherboard. One of these two ports is connected to the port keyboard and the other to the port mouse.



Source Here we can see USB port , LAN port and Audio Port

Then there is the USB port and LAN port. A variety of portable things can be connected to the motherboard with a USB port. On the other hand, it is possible to connect to the Internet with a lane port. In the picture above I have shown everything with red dots.

After the audio is connected to the motherboard. With all these audio ports we can connect our headphones.




Here we can see AGP and PCI connector

Then there is the AGP connector port. AGP means Accelerated Graphics Port. The graphics card is connected to the motherboard through this port.

The slot beside to the AGP connector is called PCI connector. PCI means Peripheral Component Interconnect. It can be added to any additional hardware motherboard.



Source It is SATA connector

Then there is the SATA connector. It can be connected to the motherboard with hard disk drive and CD dive. SATA means connector Serial Advanced Technology Attachment.



Source Here we can see DVI port , VGA port and HDMI port

The next two ports are named DVI port and another VGA port. These two ports can work the same. This port acts as two video outputs. VGA's wires can carry analog signals and DVI can carry analog and digital.

The next port is the HDMI connector. It can simultaneously transmit audio and video.




It is ATX power connector

Then there is the ATX power connector. Its job is to provide the main power connection to the motherboard.

In addition to all this, there are many more slots in the motherboard like RAM connector, CPU socket, CPU fan etc.

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