introduction to computing part 1

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Hello friends of Project Hope, today I present a very interesting topic entitled "introduction to computing", where I will explain about what a computer is and its two essential basic parts that are hardware and software as a function in the computer.

A computer is that electronic machine that processes information, interprets and executes instructions programmed and stored in its memory; which they work with arithmetic-logical and input / output operations, which receives the inputs (data), where it processes that information and stores it (processing) and finally the outputs are produced (result of the processing). Thanks to this machine it allows us to have a broader and easier job, for example it allows us to calculate numbers quickly or print documents and store them, write notes, reports and even allows us to communicate with other people through the Internet.

Computers today are the most used as they allow us to do thousands of tasks in just a short time, they are fast and efficient.

Now I will explain its two basic but also important components of the computer, which are hardware and software.

Hardware is one that comprises all the tangible parts of a computer which are; its electrical, electronic, electromechanical and mechanical components; your cables, cabinets or boxes, peripherals of all kinds and any other physical element involved. The term hardware for its translation in English means (hard parts), which does not have an agreed meaning, for this reason it has been adopted as is and as it sounds; The Royal Spanish Academy defines it as (set of components that make up the material part of a computer). Hardware not only applies to computers, it also applies to phones, cameras, even a television, they also have hardware and (software).

And finally we will talk about software, it is known as generic term software for programs that work on the computer. Software can also be defined as the logical equipment or software of a digital computer, which comprises the set of necessary components that carry out specific tasks, the software is classified into: system software, programming software and application software.


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