introduction to computing part 2

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Hello friends of Project Hope, how about friends back with you I bring you again "introduction to computing 2", today I will explain about the components and hardware devices. ¿What are they? ¿And what are its functions?

Central main processing unit (CPU).

It is the most important component of the computer is one of the most fundamental, which its function is to interpret and execute instructions and to process data.


In English it is known as memory of random access Memory, for its translation in Spanish "memory of random access". Ram memory is the one that is in charge of temporary and working storage (not massive). The Ram temporarily stores the information, data and programs that the processing unit (CPU) reads, and executes.

¿Main peripherals, first of all I will explain what is a peripheral? ¿And what is its function?

¿What is a peripheral and what is its function ?: A peripheral is those units or devices that allow the computer to communicate with the outside. Which are those that allow to perform the operations known as input / output I / O.

Input peripherals: among the input peripherals you can find keyboard, mouse or mouse, CD, DVD or BlueRay reader (only readers) among others.

This can be considered as essential for the operation, (in the way computing knows it today) the mouse, keyboard and the disk reader device; only with these devices can the hardware become operational for a user.

Information output devices: are those that allow the output or output of the resulting information executed by the operations carried out by the CPU (processing).

The peripheral output devices. They are the monitors, the printers and the speakers.

Mixed devices (information I / O)

These peripherals have the option of operating both as input and output, such as hard drives, magnetic citation drives, zip drives, etc. Other units also come in with a subtle difference, such as: solid state unit, network cards, modems, among others.

The pendrive, flash memory, USB memory or solid state drives can be classified into the categories of memories, which are normally used by mass storage devices; all these devices being Input / Output.


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