Is your learning driven by competition or fulfilment?

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Is your learning driven by competition or fulfilment?

Since our childhood, we have always been told not to disclose what extra/new we are learning, as this can jeopardize our chances of winning. Kids use to keep some topics secret which can bring them some additional marks.

And as we age, the same approached followed, the main agenda behind learn new skills was to get a promotion or any other financial gains. Learning, for most of the cases, has been only associated with the competition or winning.

And, this is the reason why most of the people don't enjoy the learning process, their eye is only towards the materialistic gains to be achieved by it. When we are learning just for the financial gains, the feeling of the competition will always be there, but, when you are learning for your own fulfilment with a much larger picture in mind, things are different. Financial gains must be there, but keeping it the first priority will dilute the purpose of learning. Then it may be called as a TRADE.

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Also, this is why most people quit! When people invest a lot of time learning some new skill and when it is not giving the return which was expected, they quit. Means, it was just an opportunistic learning.

Let's talk about this platform, if suppose, for any random reason you are not receiving the financial gains, will you quit? Is financial gain the only motivation to join this platform?

How many of us are here who more than anything else is enjoying the process of sharing experiences through posts and for the financial gain is just like a cherry on the cake?

The problem comes when we give more importance to cherry than the cake! In the end, it all depends upon our choice of why we started in the first place?


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