Machines in our lives (Airplanes)



We continue to visualize our surroundings in order to highlight the enormous influence that scientific-technological development has had on our existence. As you have noticed, we have focused on various machines designed by man throughout time in order to meet a certain need of humanity, and thus continue to demonstrate that technology is a consequence of applied science.

Until now we have been related to important machines that have allowed us to improve our quality of life, such as the fan, bicycle, motorcycle, automobile, helicopter, submarines, among others, with the previous machines we have been able to achieve the dream of being able to move from one place to another in the shortest time possible either by land, water or air, and this has been possible thanks to the remarkable advances achieved by the technological field.

In this opportunity we will relate with the airplanes, a wonderful machine that many of you perhaps have had the pleasure to use, when observing our sky in some opportunities we can observe the flight of these machines, becoming an important means of transport used in diverse areas related to humanity.

It is important to note that we can find several types of these machines, for example, as we know we have the commercial aircraft which are designed to transport a considerable number of people, we can also find the cargo planes which are implemented for the transfer of objects or goods of large dimension, following the types of aircraft we find the military aircraft and we all know or imagine the use assigned to these military machines, in this area (military) have implemented extraordinary technological advances such as the case of unmanned aircraft systems, without pilot on board.


We can say that an airplane is a machine that is capable of being suspended in the air, at the beginning of this article we were able to enjoy the flight of an old airplane, generally these machines are physically manned by a pilot especially in commercial or passenger airplanes, there are military type airplanes or unmanned aircraft, although there is the possibility of transferring this technology to commercial airplanes.

Many are the forms of mobilization or transport implemented by man today, these transports are mobilized both by land, water or air, we can say that each type of land transport, river or air with its peculiarities or advantages over each other, however, when talking about the time factor we can say that the planes have the advantage, which is why many people every day use them more.

An incredible proof of the technological advances applied to the aeronautics area is the creation of the airplanes that are able to break the sound barrier and reach the impressive supersonic speed, generating the recognized shock waves due to the fact that these airplanes manage to break the sound speed barrier and in this way pass in front of the respective waves that transmit the sound, therefore, the wave front will not be able to reach the speed of the emitting source that in this case is a supersonic airplane, as we can observe next:

Figure 1. Supersonic aircraft



Many are the important technological aspects to highlight in the field of aviation in all its breadth, the truth is that the aircraft regardless of the type and function with which they are manufactured, are converted into a major means of transport globally, the time savings are considerable in relation to other means of land or water transport.

Emphasizing that are important areas which benefit from these machines beyond the commercial field, since they can transport any type of luggage or large objects which are necessary in certain tasks of man, many of them have been observed moving important or essential materials for medical use to combat the Covid-19, that to place only an example of many others that perhaps you have been able to observe daily.

In this way we continue to see that technology has been able to provide us with extraordinary machines over time, among which are undoubtedly the aircraft in all its types, and that every day that passes increases the technological advances applied to such machines.

Until another opportunity my dear and appreciated readers.

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