Machines in our lives (Helicopters)



We continue to locate some machines designed by man in order to be able to use them in some of our activities, these machines basically related to some type of movement for their particular operation, and we know that they have evolved through time thanks to the enormous advances in technology.

We can say that our capacity of invention is enormous and this we can verify through all our history, since if we look at our environment we could find innumerable apparatuses that allow us until certain way a better quality of life, expressing that each one of these inventions with its positive and negative aspects according to the point of view of each one of us.

Man has been able to extract from his natural environment any kind of knowledge, and the dream of being able to fly was not the exception, great historical figures were inspired by this dream and somehow managed to contribute to the development of the various machines we use today to fly, we know that behind these machines there are many advances in the implementation of new materials which have facilitated greater effectiveness of these.

In this opportunity we will talk about the helicopter in a general way, this impressive machine from its creation has represented a great tool in different activities of the humanity, it has become an excellent means of air transport, being used as ambulances and with them rescue of wounded, they are used by the military, firemen, means of communications, among so many other activities.


This type of machine is an aircraft which is supported and pushed either by 1 or 2 horizontal rotors and these consisting of two or more propellers, the greatest virtue of the helicopters comes from their respective rotor (s) as they allow adequate support without the need for any movement or displacement, and thus we can see how these machines achieve a vertical takeoff and landing.

This type of machine is an effective means of transportation since it can reach places where no other flying device can. This previous characteristic made the helicopter the most used means of air transportation in rescue activities, from the civil and military point of view, and they are also very useful in populated and isolated areas because they do not require a huge landing strip.

This machine inspired great men of our history as the great Leonardo Da Vinci, managing to draw the first flying device using an engine, we also find the Argentine Raul Pateras de Pescara who was the first to successfully take off and land a helicopter, in this tour we find the contributions made by another great character as the engineer Juan de la Cierva, likewise we find the Slovak Jan Bahyl, this character managed to invent the first helicopter with engine.

We can say that since those years until today have been extraordinary changes made to the helicopters, highlighting the aspect related to improvements linked to fuel and especially the engine, this was done so that they could be faster and fly higher.


When we look at our environment we can witness the influence of various machines designed by our intellect and creativity, they are made in order to fulfill a particular task or meet a need, this has made us increasingly dependent on these devices in the activities in our homes or outside them, these devices dependent on both the ingenuity of man for their evolution.

Helicopters are machines or means of air transport used in various activities, among which we can highlight some, for the rescue of people or animals in places where only they can reach as mountainous areas, sea or forests, another useful application is when they are implemented to extinguish forest fires from the air or any type of infrastructure.

At present there are types of unmanned helicopters generally used in the military, in these are implemented technology and are generally used to recognize some territory, among other activities, the truth is that since the beginning of the invention of the first helicopters so far, are important contributions from the technological field to them.

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