Many countries ,most especially under developed countries still suffers from malnutrition.At times it might be due to ignorance or Negligence.Looking critically we will see that most under developed countries suffers from malnutrition and the most affected people are children from 0to 15 and the old from 45 above .These have been a call for concern for many countries to fight etc suffering against suffering from inefficiency inprotein,minerals and minerals


What is Malnutrition

Malnutrition is Simply eating less food than the body requires or food that do not have any nutritional value or good balance diets to the body . This is very common with too much intake of starchy food like cassava .Instead of the food building the body it turns to harm the body.making the body to expose illnesses like kwashiorkor,malaria etc due malnutrition.It makes the body to very be weak ,loss energy and causing the body muscles to be less active making the body not to functioning well.e.g A mother who gives birth to a second child ,when the first child is not 1year old ,has the probability to exposethe first child to illnesses like kwashiorkor of care is not taken .The first child need good nutritive diets , since May the mother has stopped breastfeeding the child and is concentrating with the second child .Even the mother also needs to maintain good diets for her health .symptoms of malnutrition most especially related to kwashiorkor are potbelly,loss of eight,inactiveness in body muscles ,frequently vomiting ,long tiny neck,big head ,fat stomach etc Any man suffering from kwashiorkor will have the above characteristics.

causes of Malnutrition

  • Ignorance of Good diet food :many people eats because the foods taste good without taking note the important nutritious value or diet .They turn to consumed more of starchy food that has no important value to the body leading to malnutrition.

  • Wars :During wars with internal or external conflicts.people will always migrates to other locations or absence from of farming , scarcity of food ,lack of money etc this always cause hunger and starvation to the majority of the population .Resulting to lack of foods or equality nutritional diet of in take by the people .

  • Flood: Most farmers during ,harvesting period turn to lack food because of the flood or drought that has destroys crops .Rendering farmers and the population depending on farming in to hunger ,leading to malnutrition.

  • Countries with malnourished population are very poor and can’t be able to have money to buy good nutritive food too cook for themselves.

  • Poverty :this what majority of the people suffer from ,they lack food to eat because they don’t have money to purchased food from the market .

Measures That Can Be Use To Fight Against Malnutrition.

  • The Government should take the initiative to do sensitization making people to know how dengerous malnutrition is ,Helping the population to bring some trained nutritional personnel who can give more talks on that by being some solutions how the population can improve their nutritional diets.

  • We should take it as personal initiative to fight against malnutrition .Improving are nutritional diets and if any doubt contact or visits a specialist nutritional status for more advertise.

  • Some strategies need to be adopted and put in place by farmers.countries has their particular climatic condition ,sDuring dry season in most countries millet etc will do well than rice .it is better to used the land for farming of crops inorder not to lack food .

  • We should always make sure we eats enough food to make body strong ,energetic and healthy.more in take of vegetables is very good for the body

  • We should Avoid eating too much of starchy food .food containing vitamins ,proteins and minerals etc are very good for the body .

  • People diagnose with malnutrition sickness should rush to the hospital for proper medication.


It should be noted that malnutrition is not only less food of body intake but also the type of foods we eat matters a lot for the body .we should always take it as a habit not to starve ourselves but Eats good foods that contain good diets with classes of food e.g protein,vitamin,protein,magnesium etc to boost our health . incase of doubts we should research or visit a nutritional specialist for more talks on diets and advise .These will help us to fight against Malnutrition.


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