Modern philosophy

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We live in a modern era invaded by globalization and digital ecosystems, but we have really considered the evolution of knowledge and the way to culturalize a society with all these changes and innovations, modern philosophy is a starting point for all this in debate, this Part of the philosophy focuses on solving problems that arise from the scientific revolution, it is because of it that it is usually a bit rigid because it questions the values related to human beings, as well as their relationship with nature.

Here I show you some relevant aspects of philosophy that should be analyzed:


-Appreciation of nature.


-Empiricism as part of the experiences.

-Freedom and idealism.

-Renaissance and Illustration.

We are clear over time many cultures in the history of humanity, managed to advance in every sense a change of mentality adapting a new way of thinking especially, in relation to the human being understood now as an autonomous rational being, I also say that all this information was influential on other cultures and added value to their own content, thanks to the fact that each one handles their truth, that is why the subject himself is now a way of guaranteeing the truth, because the truth is finds within his mind, the importance of the philosophy that shows us develops critical, reflective, analytical thinking, with an ethical vision and moral orientation that provides resources to live better individually. Philosophy helps us to understand phenomena of social, political and economic life for which the sciences do not have a clear answer, for this reason new currents are born one of the great thinkers in this field we have Descartes was the promoter and pioneer of rationalism, and the fundamental role that reason plays as the basis, the application of a method that it proposes includes mathematics, an exact science, we note the support of the different discipline of science in order to submit to trial all the knowledge that existed in order to find the new principles of knowledge or knowledge. The interesting thing about Descarte's contributions was his design of the Cartesian method proposed for all sciences to decompose complex problems into simpler parts until finding their basic elements, relying on the deduction of logic and especially the use of reason.

Every time a new need is born, a new innovation is also born and with it a new thought, changing the way of seeing our reality again, this is another very current example such as the search for a cure for the pandemic of this deadly virus, the which changes our life patterns in every sense, and when it is achieved it is already a new knowledge and with it another reality about the culture of a society. I hope you like another installment in the field of philosophy.



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