No lie is too big for scientists?

More evidence of scientific corruption and fraud in service to the plandemic... which is all about using totally fraudulent computer models to justify lockdowns, which were designed to intentionally crash the economy, destroy small business, devastate the middle class, further concentrate wealth, power, and control at the top, and provide the excuse for a wide range of authoritarian power grabs including normalization of capricious quarantine orders, even more extensive surveillance, social credit scoring, travel restrictions, more lockdowns, and mandatory vaccination with insufficiently tested and dangerous DNA-altering vaccines.

This video is well worth watching, only 9 minutes long. It includes a quote from Richard Horton, long time editor of the British medical journal The Lancet, basically saying that science has been overwhelmed by corruption and manipulation. It also includes a quote from President Eisenhower’s famous farewell speech in January 1961 warning that SCHOLARS are being bought off and that the nation is at risk of tyranny under a scientific and technical elite.

Like Eisenhower’s warnings about the military industrial complex in the same speech, his warnings about academic and scientific corruption went unheeded. Considering the humongous amounts of money and power at stake, and the amount of money available to buy people off, it’s not surprising that this corruption has metastasized just as Eisenhower predicted that it would. What’s surprising is how many people STILL don’t recognize it, especially the “Science!” fan boys (almost all of whom are liberals) who insist that we MUST listen to scientists and other “experts”... completely oblivious to the ever more apparent corruption and the huge amount of damage that it’s doing.

What other areas of science besides Niel Ferguson’s ridiculously exaggerated epidemiological computer models (which were used to justify catastrophic lockdowns) have similar amounts of wealth, power, and control at stake, and therefore similar levels of criminal corruption? Vaccines and climate change, of course. And it’s no accident that the same oligarchs and plutocrats at the top are involved in all three mega scams. Will enough people catch on before it’s too late?


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