NOIA network releases Roadmap for its network and platform launch: Exciting times!

If blockchain technology is a land of innovations, NOIA network is building a home for it… uhm that was too hasty, but that’s exactly how exciting it feels. NOIA network is re-building the web by re-defining our internet. With efforts geared towards solving the biggest issues faced by internet users today and furnishing the internet to meet up with the expectations of contemporary internet users, NOIA is on a mission to build an internet of our dreams. NOIA.png

Faster than it ever did, NOIA is just inches away from realizing its biggest goals. Excited right? Yes, exactly how it feels here too.

In preparation for the official launch of the NOIA network and NOIA platform, the NOIA team have released a comprehensive Roadmap of deliverables leading up to the official network and platform launch. Now if you missed that announcement, endeavour to read up HERE. It’s getting hotter in here, and I’m sure you are not surprised at what this amazing team have achieved and are poised to achieve. noia roadmap.png

Having gone through the official announcement, let’s take you through the most exciting deliverables of this six-month schedule of events!

The NOIA network of officially going live!

The NOIA network creates a home for current and future NOIA apllications. Yearning for a faster, more effective and more secure internet? Your wait is finally over! The NOIA network will power the most important applications of the internet’s future.

Prior to the official launch of the network, the team will deploy a test network, the pre-launch network is a network spanning a few hundred different locations, running on dozens of different cloud provider networks globally. This will enable the team test different parameters related to the network. Data obtained from the test enable the team develop a more efficient main network.

NOIA’s Distributed Autonomous Routing Protocol (DARP) will also be implemented into the pre-launch network. The DARP is an algorithm which monitors the internet and provides real-time data on millions, and eventually billions of pathways along the internet. Implementing the DARP into the pre-launch network ensures that every component of the main network is tested before launch. The main network will under continuous and rigorous testing before the final public release which will enable general participation in the NOIA network and the commencement of the NOIA node program.

Grab your popcorn…

Launch of the NOIA platform on the NOIA network

With the NOIA network tested and ready, the NOIA platform will officially launch on the NOIA network. NOIA Platform will become a universal tool for network management, whether you’re a developer looking to set up a private network for yourself, or an enterprise customer seeking to manage and secure your entire network infrastructure.

The NOIA team have spent most of their time building the NOIA platform and furnishing it to ensure it functions efficiently. Thanks to its partnership with prominent firms such as Oracle, the NOIA platform will be supervised by experts in this field and will be available on the marketplaces of major cloud providers. The NOIA team hope to integrate the NOIA platform on every available marketplace of cloud providers including Oracle.

Incentivization and Tokenomics

The NOIA token is the utility toke of the NOIA network, as a part of the six month roadmap, the NOIA team is engineering strategies to make the NOIA token even more valuable. The team will be releasing updated information as regards the use of the NOIA token to access certain services on the NOIA network and the NOIA platform. Details of the improved reward scheme for users of services provided by the NOIA network and platform.

A new look for your favourite project

In keeping with the most anticipated event for NOIA, its team taking a look at the overall appearance of the project. Creating friendly user interfaces improves user experience and encourage genuine engagement with a project. The NOIA team is aware of this fact and will work to make improvements where due to ensure the project appeals to users.

Exciting times, a very intensive six months head, we are looking forward to the successful launch of the network and the platform.

Official website of NOIA network


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