Prowriters hub week 002|Transportation and how modern transportation has changed and improved life by @emmanu

images (13).jpegsource Hello steemians, I know you all are doing absolutely good. This is my second entry of this prowriters hub week 002 organized by @steemalive. In this article I will be talking on transportation, modern and ancient transportation and how modern means of transportation has changed and improved lifes.


Transportation simply means movement of human and goods from one place to another. Transportation can be done through land,air,sea, pipeline,Rail etc and transportation also takes place in humans body where the blood circulates through and in other ways.

Ancient and modern transportation

Ancient transportation: This is the ancient ways by which transportation take place. There are different forms of transportation during the ancient times and they are land and sea

  • Land: the major ancient means of transportation through land was walking. People usually walk down to any where they want to go with there goods and they later started riding on animals and later upgraded to use wheel devices.

  • Sea: In the ancient days the only transportation means was through the use of wooden boats that are gotten from logs.

How technology has changed Transportation

  • Land: Technology has really helped people in the Sense that people no longer walk for a long distance but uses motorcycle, tricycle or cars to travel for a long distance on lands and it has really helped people to save energy and time

  • Air: During the ancient times there was no means of transportation through air but today with the help of technology we can now travel through air with aeroplane, private jets etc and it today Air transportation is said to be the fastest.

  • **Sea:**During the Ancient time/before technology the only way to travel in water was through the help of a wooden boat and a wooden boat requires energy before it can move because paddling it was never easy but today technology has brought ship, speed boat etc that requires less stress because they are motorized.

How modern transportation affects our environment

Modern transportation is a source of Air pollution since all the transportation means uses different kinds of processed petroleum and modern transportation also contributes to global warming through the outflow of carbon-dioxide.

How modern transportation can be improved to become environmental friendly

  • Vehicles on the roads are increasing on a daily basis and causing a higher rate of Air pollution therefore travellers should be advice to take a public transport instead of increasing the pollution rates with there own vehicle

  • Modern transportation will not affect our environment only if the vehicle uses electricity therefore the producers of vehicle should make vehicles in such a way that it can move with the help of electricity.

Transportation method available in my city

Here in my city we use majorly two methods of transportation which are:

  • Land
  • Air and at times through
  • River


Transportation is very necessary because people needs to move from place to place in other to sell there goods and also leave and meet new people. But the effect of transportation on our environment has to be looked on in other to reduce the pollution of the Air. We keep blogging 📝📝


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