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Religions often accuse science that it changes its theories again and again and do not reach to a conclusive result. They say that science have no definite answers. One day it provides one solution of a problem and after some time that answer get changed. So, according to them science have no permanent answers and as it changes its theories time to time, it is not reliable. On the other hand they triumphantly claim that their religious text book have not changed since it was created. According to them religions have the permanent answers and those answers are sufficient for the human society. They also claim that they are ethical while science invites unethical practices.

Those claims seem very rational and convincing. But, religious texts are basically nonsense stories and treasures of ignorance. They are not even permanent. Their original text was also modified and enhanced time to time. They make us fatalist, coward, greedy and fundamentalists. They ignite a sense of false pride in our minds and narrow down our thinking. On the other hand science broadens our mind. It makes us realize that we are not special, rather we are the part of nature. It clears our mind and it changes its theories time to time because it believe that revelation of truth is a continuous procedure. We cannot stick to an answer only for the sake of maintaining our pride and impose that answer on the people. Science is not dogmatic. It can change its theories until it gets the ultimate answer. It has all the possibilities of amendments. On contrary, religions are like dried wells which cannot produce water. Only mud and slurry can be obtained from these dried up wells. They take us to a dead end from where we cannot get the way out. So, changing the theories and discarding the old principles are the beauties of science. It make science a living thing. Religious theory of ethics is also full of flaws. Many inhuman practices are justified by religions. Religious also divides us on the basis of caste, creed, color, ethnicity etc. They instigate wars and kill those who are nonconformists. Science is just a tool which reveals truth before us. It all depends on us how we can use the discovery made by science. For example we can harness nuclear energy to provide us energy or we can use it to make nuclear weapons and kill people. Therefore, science is the future and only it can reveal truth before us.

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