Shocking Research on Varicocele

Why do some doctors recommend surgery?

​Consider the facts: There is ZERO SCIENCE on diet and varicocele, zero on the effects of pornography on varicocele, zero on the effects of posture on varicocele, and little to none on the effects of lifestyle and environmental factors on varicocele.

Contrast that with the tens of thousands of publications on surgery for varicocele.

Answer: \($$$$$$$\)

Surgery is however as a matter of fact NOT a cure. Varicocelectomy is a procedure that aims to ligate the testicular veins. Ligation is essentially cutting the vein at two ends. Ligating (cutting) veins is NOT curing them. The risks associated with varicocelectomy are likely as high as the potential benefits. Learn more:

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I did a Google Scholar search on "varicocele" and the following keywords... The results shocked me!

There are a total of 7,810 publications on "Varicocele". varicocele 1.jpg

2395 Results include the terms "Varicocelectomy", "Surgery", or "Embolization. (30.59% of all results!) varicocelectomy.jpg

Only 12 results on "Varicocele" + "Prevention", 9 of which are from 20+ years ago, and 6 are simply citations! (0.07% of all results!) varicocele prevention.jpg

"Varicocele" + "Lifestyle": Only one result. The second result is a citation for the first. The science publication is from 2008...! (0.012% of all results) varicocele lifesytle.jpg

"Varicocele" + "Diet": ZERO results. (0.000% of all results) varicocele + diet.jpg

"Varicocele" + "Nutrition": Only ONE result, and it's an irrelevant citation on the influence of varicocele on testicular nutrition from 1880! (0.000% of all results) varicocele nutrition.jpg

"Varicocele" + "Yoga": Nothing...! (0.000% of all results) varicocele yoga.jpg

"Varicocele" + "Physical Therapy" OR "Physiotherapy": Again Nothing! ​(0.000% of all results) varicocele physical therapy.jpg

"Varicocele" + "Exercise" OR "Physical Activity": A total of 6 results, all over 8 years old. ​(0.07% of all results) varicocele exercise.jpg

A shocking 200X higher focus on invasive & high-risk procedures -- than identifying root-causes and safe treatments. Over 30% of all scientific publications on varicocele are about varicocelectomy or embolization. Contrast that with the 0.152% search results found above. ​ ​There is little or no research done at all to identify potential root-causes for varicocele. Moreover, almost zero work done on finding safe alternatives to these procedures. All of the above search terms account for only 0.152% of all results. ​

So, why do some doctors recommend varicocele surgery?

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