Signs to understand Source


To pass by unnoticed to the signs that we have seen or perceived during our existential stay, makes us indifferent beings, who do not achieve the beauty of being able to feel life in all its splendor.

Many will think that I am forgetting those who suffer the misfortunes of an inadequate existence, due to physical, mental or social and economic impossibilities, or those who are in a constant warlike confrontation around themselves.

I am not forgetting because I am talking about living whatever the consequence, life itself brings us the confrontation with other people's situations and in this internal struggle to live, we express what we are and what we wish to be and in the difficult moments we appeal to survive because there will always be in the Being the need to change what is wrong and hurts us..

The signs always are, were and will be, unless we are blinded by the need to change without a clear and concise purpose..

One sign is love, but to understand love, we must be willing to love without the overriding need to be loved..

Because it is an inner need that is contagious, it is in its equanimous order with whom we intend to love and be reciprocated, we cannot force love or have it according to our fears, because love is an act of faith and freedom, with great responsibility before this pretentious oath to love until the end of days.

This signal is fundamental to know how to grasp it and not to spend a lifetime of incomprehension because I have everything I got, but there is a misunderstood and silenced emptiness inside us and we go from believing that we live as it should be and in reality we only create a fictitious life, to solve the existence.

Another very powerful signal is the indicator that something is not going to work as it should and the stubbornness to go towards that circumstance sooner or later proves us right..

Another sign is what is called a hunch, something that is wrong but we can't see it clearly because we think about it, and we secretly participate in something that is not right, swearing that I am right..

The signs are many more and they are congruent with the existence of each Being, of whatever nature, religious, social, physical and mental, but they are silenced by our own work of having believed that we depend on what is external to ourselves and we are wrong because when we die, we do not take anything with us, not even the memory of what was good, bad or mistaken...

This is a life in which I find myself doing what I can, because what one really wants is very difficult to achieve or realize, but I leave that for those who read it and perhaps also understand that we are part of our successes, but also of our doubts and fears at the end of the day..


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