Some technologies that were once expensive are now cheap

In today's era, humans cannot be separated from technology that has spread to all corners of the world. Many people who in their childhood did not understand technology but when they are now adults, they become technology users. Some technologies that may have been difficult to develop in the past and are now very easily accessible and utilized by humans.

A simple example of technology that was once an expensive technology and is now becoming cheap is communication technology. In the early era of the discovery of cordless telephone devices, the price to get the device was very expensive for most people. Before technology spoke using wireless telephones, humans used technology to send messages, sometimes called pager devices. With a pager device, someone can send text messages to other people to do something, for example, someone sends a message to a friend or relative to call him. Then the person receiving the pager message will look for a wired phone to contact the friend or relative who asked for it on the phone.

When someone calls another person using a landline telephone, the costs required for calling activities are very expensive, especially if the telephone connection is between cities, between provinces, even if the international telephone connection is very expensive for most people.

Telephone technology, which was once expensive, has now developed into an inexpensive technology with the development of various devices and applications for telephony. Even now, making calls can be like face-to-face with video call technology. In terms of cost, it is also getting cheaper because it only uses internet data, which is very affordable. If you don't have the credit to connect to the internet, there are now many free wifi services provided by the government or the private sector, making it easier for people to take advantage of this increasingly developing technology.


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