Sometimes I Want Advanced Degrees In Mathematics Physics & Computer Science

Today, I thought about Leonardo DaVinci.

IG Udo Divinci.jpg

And I thought, what would it take for me to be like that?

I love solving problems. So, why not?

In some ways, it is probably MUCH EASIER to duplicate Leonardo DaVinci level ingenuity than it was during his time.

Math & Physics are the languages of the universe. From them, you can decipher literally anything.

The thing that made me think of DaVinci was the realization that if aliens of a higher intelligence came to our planet, they could probably figure out the core values of our planet by identifying the thing that pop up over and over again.

I thought of the movie Star Wars, and how the principles in Star Wars pop up repeatedly in a lot of the cultures of the world. Even today’s popular ideology of The Law of Attraction is pretty much Star Wars.

Everything is energy. Everything is vibration. There are things you can know without “knowing.” (This is all Star Wars, but it is also philosophical, theological and the foundation of a lot of the science we study)

Knowing the frequency and positions of anything (without knowing its identity) can easily help you identify the thing. Especially relative to the things around it.

This is very powerful. Know the thing, give it a name, own/control the thing, become like a “god.”

This is the source of all power in this world.

I was thinking about how to decode a language. If you know the frequency of a word, and it’s location relative to other words. It is this process in Artificial intelligence/Machine Learning that teaches a computer what it needs to know in predictive modeling/algorithms.

Give everything a number and watch how it behaves.

I don’t need to know who you are, what your name is, what your favorite color is, what your goals, dreams and aspirations are...

All I have to do is watch how you behave, and I can tell you everything else about you.

That’s the beauty of numbers...of Math...

Side note: If you try to memorize these things without “feeling” the information...without identifying with the will never truly the know the information. Which is why LANGUAGE is important in learning, memory and higher level reasoning.


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