Step-by-step guide to advertising on Pinterest

#Pinterest #Ads has a unique use of other social media advertising tools. A step-by-step Pinterest advertising guide to capturing your audience.

1600px-Pinterest_Logo.svg.png Picture Source 👇👇👇 Pinterest is different from other platforms because it is a social media platform built entirely on images. Using Pinterest ads gives you the opportunity to connect with your audiences. In this article, we will give you tips on capturing the audience you will target by addressing your audience and the platform.

ℹ️ℹ️How do I find my Pinterest audience? Pinterest users are as diverse as the content they produce. This diverse community of people is ready to discover something new with Inspirational ads and more than 80% are ready to buy a product or service. Every month, 459 million people use Pinterest to search for recipes, plan vacations, research what to buy and more.

ℹ️ℹ️Pinterest has 20% market share of US social media in terms of monthly visitors. These numbers are two places behind #Facebook, which had 60% of US visitors in January 2021. The usage statistics of Pinterest, which has a large audience not only in the #USA but all over the world

ℹ️ℹ️Which businesses should advertise on Pinterest? If your products or services fit into broad categories on Pinterest, which has hundreds of categories, you can achieve as much success in advertising. Some of the categories where you can get high efficiency are;

🔥Technology, 🔥decor, design and home, 🔥fashion and textile, 🔥love of food and drink, 🔥beauty and care, 🔥travel plans, ℹ️ℹ️Pinterest ad campaign setup and strategies Before you start advertising, you must first set up a business account. You can create a business account at . Pinterest offers you many options when creating a new campaign, it asks you to choose one of three targets in the sales filters:

📌Awareness: Brings brand awareness and views for people to discover the brand. 📌Visitor: Gets more people to click on your ad on Pinterest. 📌Feedback: Gets people to transact or shop on your website. ℹ️ℹ️Ad formats on Pinterest Pinterest ads are displayed on the website and through the app. That's why ad formats are shown in pin format. Types of ads on Pinterest, which are many types of ads; 👇👇👇 static ads, video ads, App download ads, shopping ads, story ads, Among the ad formats here, you should choose the most suitable area for your audience and where your ad can be displayed. Pinterest has published a guide about it .

Although we do not go into the advertising areas in detail here, there are some comprehensive concepts used to develop strategy; 👇👇👇 inspiring content, calls to action, multi product, impressive content, Pinterest, which has a 20% share in social media, can be a great choice for advertising in 2021.


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