Superheroes Source


That fondness or taste that many of us at some point in our lives have for superheroes is undoubtedly a deja vu of our early years of existence, which for unknown reasons are erased from our brains or we do not have access to them.

It is a memory of that time when, due to natural physical conditions, we depended on our parents for everything.

These were our first superheroes, the ones who made it possible for us to survive in the face of an inhospitable world and to reach the moment when we could navigate the sea of existence unaided.

It was that time when we felt safe in their arms and we were not afraid to fall even when we began to venture to take our first steps, these were the pinnacle of the skyscraper that meant the distance between them and the ground. They were our blanket that sheltered us from the cold and that bond that crossed any barrier to the unknown.

They were the ones who, fighting against all odds, managed to keep us clothed, fed, happy and healthy.

Although they did not fly or become invisible, much less could they breathe underwater, they managed to be present when we needed them, perhaps we had a gift of telepathy or a mysterious language that managed to tell them what we wanted or felt.

They were our space capsule that with love and dedication took us through that stage in which, like fragile butterflies, we were at the mercy of the wind and all the dangers of survival.

Without those superheroes we would not be here, walking our own path and also dressing up in those powerful suits that give us the powers to defend our children, for whom we are two brave men called mom and dad.


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