Technologies that can help increase sales

Technology is changing at fast pace so is their usage in every field increasing day by day. There are some new technologies which could help your business. Virtual PBX is an important gadget your business need it: so as not to lose a single client.

The client did not get through because the phone was busy, the manager did not hear the call, the employees work from home, and the office phone was left unattended. These are just a few of the ways a business misses out on potential deals, and hence money. A virtual PBX will help solve this problem.

image.png Source It is more and more difficult to attract buyers' attention: advertising attacks from all sides, and familiar posters and banners turn into a kind of visual noise that few people perceive. New formats will help - for example, advertising on digital screens .

To connect, you need the actual screen, the player that transmits the image, and the webcam. Rostelecom will take care of the rest: the necessary equipment will be provided in installments, and at the same time they will connect, configure and explain how to use it all.

Cameras are needed not only to identify thieves in sales areas. They will help increase profits: for example, this way you can monitor the efficiency of employees and track which of the consultants is not working very diligently.

With the help of cameras, it is easy to monitor the traffic of retail outlets and check when there are more queues, which means that more cash registers need to be opened at this time.

Also, video surveillance will help restaurants and cafes that work for delivery. Cameras can be installed in the kitchen and broadcast on the site. Guests can see how their orders are being collected and estimate when to wait for a courier.

image.png Source Just put yourself in the shoes of your visitors: you come to a cafe, you want to connect to Wi-Fi, and the network is password protected. To get access to it, you have to ask the waiters or administrators for the password every time. This approach can hardly be called customer-oriented.

Public spaces without free access to Wi-Fi are almost the same as a store where you cannot pay with a card: in principle, nothing terrible, but you don't want to go here again. But guest networks are an additional advertising platform and a promising source of profit.


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