Technology and its impacts

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Away from philosophy, we are closer to our reality as part of a society, but we have noticed how technology affects us, since it is essential for daily life, since history shows us how many cultures found themselves in history thanks to Viennese technology As a means of communication, transportation, knowledge, engineering, medicine, it leaves a mark as an impact, as in the case of the industrial revolution, mechanical designs were developed with avant-garde technology for the time, with the sense of simplifying what an ordinary human being did. , but they did not realize how it affected the environment that surrounds it.

Every day a new technology is born and with it an innovation, the question is always are we really prepared, is where we have an impact, let's analyze the following a bit, only culture and interpersonal relationships are very important in this transformation, now that individuals must be able to decide how they are going to live collectively, what will be their values, their beliefs and what meaning they will give to daily life, all this will be subject to technology such as comfort, media, communication, entertainment, work. One of the phenomena that affects the whole world as we described above is globalization, it is clear to us is the power to adapt and move forward, as well as in the business sector those who dominate technology can dominate or be very influential in their segment.

A challenge that we must assume every day is the obligation to know more and more about the operation of new technologies, it is a process of adaptation and learning, if we want to start a new business, new strategies for an organization is to take into account is that developing new capabilities to compete in the labor market, finance, technologies, medicine, construction, telecommunications, the optimal use of the internet is allowed with this current problem of the pandemic is to develop applications and new accessories for entertainment and communication, work to distance, changing our life patterns. It is very evident that technology its main application is to create an improvement of tools and accessories adapted to users to facilitate and save effort in our lives, which awaits us in the future, we do not know until a new technology is born, since each time we He has less time to assimilate these transformations and visualize the real impact of these on human development. I leave it that way.

A new technology applied with all the new approaches to standards to make an innovation should be, free to cause impact on the environment, which can be updated improvements, information of technological knowledge, but also to the evolution and growth of communities under a focus of evolution and growth that permeate day by day in the human development of societies. Every corner of our planet brings us together technology, in such a way that going viral can become a good culture as part of a society.



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