Technology and language

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Language is one of the means that united societies, cultures through history, language formed the basis of communication and over time the way of communicating, even language itself, thanks to the application of technology evolved. Language technologies can be defined as the set of knowledge, which allows us to program computers so that they behave as if they understood the human language, the interesting thing about this topic beyond a philosophy of knowledge is that it is expressed as a way to conceive different technological systems that, based on their experience, on their social experience, allow to organize the ways and forms of life.

Thanks to technology in the way of communicating we can do it from anywhere, either through a laptop, cell phone, video call, technology leaves its mark on the history of innovation, both the fact that speech recognition It is one of the most spectacular technologies, more than an astonishment is that a computer is capable of transcribing what a person says, that is, of transforming the acoustic signal of the voice into a sequence of words that form a written text, all of us it remains in the link of technology and language.

From the point of view of philosophy in the fact that these systems synthesize knowledge and constitute forms of problem solving, procedures that are used both at the level of daily life and in the process of scientific activity, where it allows us Natural language compression means the transformation of the text into a semantic representation suitable for reasoning and the execution of orders, all under a system approach, it also applies methods where the dimensions of technology that can be understood as an application of knowledge scientific and any other type of organizational knowledge for the resolution of practical tasks through ordered systems, the importance of the link between technology and language is clear because it expresses the technological capacity of man, and language being the associated process in its birth and development, from something natural to the modes of innovation.



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