Technology at the level of statics and dynamics

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Greetings fellow followers of my blog, it is very fascinating as from the beginning of the history of humanity, how technology is linked to it applied in everyday life to facilitate the way of doing things and new knowledge for the development of it, more when science and technology are mixed.


Our starting point is to share the fantastic of knowledge when science and technology are united, which shows us a reality to give answers to many unknowns of our lives, either a theory or a hypothesis. For this opportunity I share with you how technology is at a scientific level in the field of physics, under a very important approach of statics and dynamics.

The singularity of this context that at the level of statics in the field of physics, is in charge of studying, my friend, the bodies in rest, the forces in equilibrium, that do not vary in function of time, an example can be appreciated in the first law of Newton at the level that the net force is manifested and with its moment of force, it has been demonstrated that equilibrium has some behaviors, stable, unstable, neutral.

For the case of the dynamics it is in charge of the analysis or study of the forces, movements of the bodies from which it is caused or why it is originated, it is the cause and effect relationship, we already have the two study approaches and their difference.

Since we have an idea of two approaches, as is static technology is that it applies science and technology in the phenomenon of motion or force of particles or body at rest, an example of the application of this form of technology in the field of geology and earth science as there are particles and body at rest that experience this physical phenomenon, can be an earthquake, tectonic displacement, for the case of dynamic technology is focused more on the development of invention and new descrumiento, in the analysis of phenomena of movement or force of a body that originates it, to give more suitable response, the sonar to see in the sea, in the layers of the land, GPS, are inventions of under this approach to the dynamics.

A new technology developed at the level of the static, is a sensor to measure the water, which seems to them the iPerl, since this one uses also magnetic technology, that to level depth can make linear calculations, not everything stays here you have another function to give the reports of data, in which this one can communicate wirelessly with the intelligent networks being in the water, potable or of another type of water.



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