As much as some people regard 2020 as a year of uncertainties and unfortunate occurrence, some companies also have the year to thank for the success in their company. This year has been filled with series of uncertainties, people are unsure of what is going to happen next and what action the government may have to take to curtain the spread of the deadly virus.

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This same year, some companies and businesses have had to file for bankruptcy and close down business as they could not keep up with the rate of loss going on any longer, majority of those who have been able to keep business running got some sort of governmental grant or had to get into some sort of loan. Those who have jobs have also lost their jobs this period, with a saturated market of those who are job seekers, getting another job has become extremely difficult to come by.

Despite all the things that have happened to businesses this year, some of these companies are extremely thankful to the pandemic for bringing out the success they always wish for in their business. The coronavirus pandemic is different from the usual economic downtime but it has completely brought a season of undeniable change as our pattern of spending and living has changed drastically.

Change in societal setting is not strange to us, let me take you through memory lane a little bit. From history, we know that from the days of fighting war, the financial level of every man was determined by the family he was born into. Those who were born as a noble remained a noble until the days if their death while those who were born into a low classed family remained that way until their periods of death. Things have turned now and it is now easier than ever to even find our ways to the top irrespective of the family we were born into.

Gladly, we are in a very serious age of information and a lot of people make a living by getting an information and spreading that information to the appropriate audience who need the information. Technology has really made the process of earning and climbing up the ladder of wealth more easy than it ever used to be, so in this age and time we are certain of the reality that we may have been born into a very low background, it does not mean that our backs must be tied to the low side of life.


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