Technology in the study of light / Optical system of a Porro binocular_(II Part)

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Greetings again my dear readers, in this opportunity we continue with the description of the wonderful optical system of a Porro binocular, with the purpose of being able to observe the treatment of the luminous rays through this optical system, and as it has been expressed these rays of light are carriers of the image that we wish to observe of our environment.

The Porro binoculars like other important optical instruments are constituted by a valuable optical system, where, generally, we found particular optical elements like lenses, mirrors and prisms, in this case we can observe the presence of lenses and prism Porro, and of this last one we could speak of generalized form in our previous article.

In the present article we will analyze the objective lens of this type of optical instrument, and the same how we can observe in our gif they are those that receive to the rays of light for then to send them toward the prisms Porro, where, it is carried out in splendid phenomenon of the total internal reflection, and with it carrying out a reflection of the rays of a in Zig-Zag.

This type of optical device usually has a lens in each optical tube and in this lens a biconvex lens combined with a concave plane in order to correct some type of optical aberration, and they are larger than the ocular lenses, it is important to note that the image magnification achieved by this device is due to the action of the lenses and they can be in set or series.

An important aspect to consider regarding the quality of the lenses, is due to the material of which they are the same, and according to the quality of such materials it is possible to measure the optical quality of a certain prismatic among them those of Porro prisms, in many cases we can find lenses elaborated or made of plastics or another product of similar chemical composition, this type of lens over time makes the binoculars lose optical quality and thus quality in the formation of the image in our retina, which is why we recommend those mineral lenses as they offer the desired optical performance and durable over time.


This way we continue emphasizing the importance of the technological advances in each one of the machines, tools or devices created by the man thanks to the vital and inseparable nexus between science-technology, and the binoculars of Porro do not escape of this influence, in particular in the generation of new materials for the manufacture of better optical lenses and this way to be able to achieve the precious purpose of a certain optical instrument.

With the present article in its second issue we continue to highlight the great value of the different technological applications during our existence, and these can be found in any type of machine, tool or instrument designed by man's ingenuity, above all thanks to the essential or vital link between science and technology.

Until another opportunity my dear and appreciated readers.

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