Technology in the study of light / Optical system of the reflex camera _(II Part)

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Greetings again my dear readers, we continue with the description of the optical system that composes an SLR camera, in order to continue expanding the different technological applications in these devices designed by man to fulfill a certain task, a characteristic that has been demonstrated in each of the previous articles, and also reaffirming that technology is nothing more than applied science.

If we could detail each one of the knowledge that the human being has been able to extract from his environment, without a doubt, we have to make reference to the phenomenon of light, and all those intrinsic phenomena that have led to the structuring of simple or particular optical elements such as lenses, mirrors and prisms.

Of the previous optical elements we already pointed out in the past article to the lenses both convergent and divergent, and the same located in the photographic lens or objective, all fulfilling essential functions of refraction of the rays of light when impacting with them either making converge or diverging to these luminous rays as we can observe in the part of the objective lens in the gif at the beginning of this presentation.

In this opportunity we will find another important optical element within this complex device as are the mirrors, particularly with a flat mirror and the same located at an angle of 45 ° with the horizontal, and its main function is to reflect light rays after leaving the objective lens to the top of that instrument, where they expected another important optical element to be analyzed in the next delivery.

Therefore, with lenses and flat mirrors, we continue to expand the knowledge related to the entire optical system of the camera and thus be able to highlight the essential importance that these elements have in the treatment of the rays components of a given beam of light, and which as expressed carries any type of image of our environment.


In the gif at the beginning of this article they could observe the structure that composes part of the optical system of an SLR camera, and with it the behavior of the light when passing through them, where, we find the objective lens and in whose interior are a set of particular lenses both divergent and convergent, then they can visualize another important optical element such as the flat mirror and the same oriented at 45° from the horizontal so that it can reflect the light it receives from the lens lenses, and in this way continue to transport the image to another optical element that we will analyze in the next delivery.

With the present article in its second delivery we continue highlighting the great impact that each technological application has in our activities, in this opportunity we point out in a general way to the inclined plane mirror (45°) and that is part of the optical system of this camera.

Until another opportunity my dear and appreciated readers.

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