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Greetings dear members of the community, @project.hope, who are passionate about content of a technological nature. In this delivery, we will share one of the wonders of nature, where through technological processes we have been able to create high quality teams that provide timely solutions to the planetary crisis in renewable energy issues.

As it is well known, the electric energy has been a topic of interest for the man, where they are grades the studies that are carried out about this thematic, with the purpose of obtaining energetic methods that don't attempt against the care and environmental preservation. In this way, it allows abandoning the unsustainable practice of obtaining energy based on the burning of fossil fuels.
Image 2. Unsustainable patterns of energy production. Image of public domain. Author: Benita Welter on Pixabay.

Under this conception, there are many technological devices that have arisen and that have as a fundamental idea the transformation of the energy of the sun into electrical energy, act for the consumption of our homes.

Among those that stand out, the photovoltaic panels, which are provided with small crystalline cells of silicon, in charge of generating electricity from the light that falls on them. Without a doubt, this type of technology is an advance in environmental preservation and care. Although the devices are still considered as inefficient since only 40% of the light that falls on them is used, where the rest is lost in the form of heat.
Image 3. Use of photovoltaic cells. Author: Mix image in Pixabay.

On the other hand, the rawlemon project, is a little more ambitious, it is assumed as a sphere capable of generating 70% more energy than the current photovoltaic panels. The technology of this team is attributed to the architect and researcher André Broessel, who has dedicated himself to the study of renewable energy.

In simple terms, the technology behind this device is associated with natural processes, where the sphere is filled with water so that it can magnify about 10,000 times the rays coming from the sun on hot or cloudy days. The greatest thing about this equipment is that we can extract the light energy from the moon and transform it into electricity.

Rawlemon is designed as one of the main ways of obtaining electrical energy from the sun's energy. The equipment has been configured with software that allows following the sun's movement so that its rays are in constant contact with the nanoscale panels that are in charge of the energy transformation process.
Image 4. Rawlemon technology and its benefits in power generation.

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Although they are different processes, they have as a common starting point, the use of clean energy from the sun, we can only hope that humanity in general has access to these technologies which will allow us not to be so dependent on the energy produced through the so-called fossil fuels.


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