The anarchy of the Yukpas in Zulia Source


I am a defender of the rights of the native peoples, since they are our roots, but when politics and anarchy surround and distort their culture, then the perspective changes and mutual respect is lost. For years the inhabitants of Zulia have been living a martyrdom with the irruption of the Yukpa ethnic group in the cities and surrounding areas, since they have become locusts and predators supported by the national and local governments, imposing their whims, not at all in accordance with their culture and carrying out acts of pillage that harm the interests of the people. They were brought in as pawns of the politicians to alter the good life and blame each other for the abandonment they are subjected to in their lands located in the Sierra de Perijá, where landowners have been stripping them of their habitat and brought evils to their lands. The move got out of hand and the brought indigenous have been taking spaces where they force passers-by to be collaborators of their expenses or simply of their whims, creating mafias of gasoline sale, which they obtain as gifts by pressuring the pumps to do so or else they will not let them sell fuel, under the complicit look of the government officials. They also invade other people's lands with sheds or materials used for the sale of scrap metal, destroying the properties and then leaving them abandoned, without the laws working and allowing them to be evicted. It is common on the road to Perijá to come across roadblocks made by these people, placing tree trunks and demanding a payment to allow them to circulate, as well as points of sale of gasoline, as well as communities that take distributors or public spaces to live in. The degradation of the native culture with the insertion of vices that do not identify it at all, not only creates a wrong vision of it, but also contaminates a group of inhabitants that conform it, who as godfathers of the mafia, believe they are immune to the laws and to respect their fellow men. Those responsible for this should be pointed out and those who violate the rules punished, in order to create a precedent in which sharing is part of good living and not extortion or theft. It is not necessary to wait for the blood to reach the river and for the citizens to respond to the aggressions and create a battle of extermination to preserve health and property.


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