The dark side

galaxy-11098_1280.webp Image source pixabay

Just looking at the night I see with the sky and the stars are seen in a black void, as it will be in that infinite universe a black hole that mystery keeps inside it, because it hides so much knowledge without showing, it is very fascinating all that the stars and the celestial body can not show.

The enigmatic thing about the case that black holes can emit a form of radiation, it is considered that because of its characteristic of being a finite region of space in whose interior there is a concentration of mass, all are characteristics of it, where light does not escape from it in the vacuum, particles, cosmic dust, gases, since it is considered that the force of emission of radiation is not properly, but from its accretion disk.

The hypothesis is maintained that what enters does not leave, it does not have a visible horizon, if they are really black they are enigmas based on Hawking's postulations, it also refers to quantum gravity, but not everything ends until this theory but another stellar form of black holes has been evidenced, in such a way it is mentioned the type that corresponds to a stellar black hole, this is formed by the gravitational collapse of a massive star, based on a celestial body of a more mysterious star room to light new knowledge, by means of an explosion of a supernova.

Returning the order of ideas something important that discusses the scientific expert in the matter, is based on a theory where it is stated that the less mass it has, this is considered that greater must be the density of the matter to form a black hole, which in turn is on the radius of a black hole, everything rotates on the same as omnipotent algae, you can even see in a collapse that a star experiences.

Black holes are like ghosts in the infinite space, because they manifest themselves from nothing in the void, which causes a singularity surrounded by a closed surface, let's hope that with time more information will come to light that it hides.



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