The disappearance of higher civilizations in history may indicate that we really came from an alien, not evolved

Will the evolution of a life lead to the disappearance of this life? Why will it cease to exist overnight when civilization is high enough? Do we humans come from another planet? When our technological civilization evolves to a high enough level, will it return to its homeland when it came? Does the disappearance of the Mayan civilization mean that their civilization meets the requirements of that planet and goes back directly?

image.png We all know that the earth has existed for 4.6 billion years, but our life span is only about 100 years. We study the history of the earth in order to understand the origin of the earth and the origin of life, because at present we only know that although there are terrestrial planets in the solar system, we have not found life on terrestrial planets. At present, only the environment on the earth is suitable for our human existence.

image.png Our planet is unique. It has a plate structure, liquid water on the surface, and an oxygen-rich atmosphere. But our planet may not be like this hundreds of millions of years ago. Only through the ancient rock layers can we discover the evolution of our planet.

image.png When we talk about historical life, we usually think of dinosaurs or fish in the water that climbed onto land, but the earliest life on Earth was much earlier than this life, because in Western Australia, scientists found rocks there It has existed for 3.5 billion years. Because this kind of rock belongs to the stack, the birth of the first life on the earth can be found here.

image.png Before life appeared on the earth, only simple life forms such as bacteria could be found in fossils, about 3 billion years old, but fossils before 3 billion years ago were either destroyed or deformed due to plate movement. Therefore, there is a question, when did life on earth begin.

image.png Scientists discovered a small piece of special rock in the cascade stone, and later determined that it was a piece of silicon bloom (a kind of rock), which is generally formed in hot springs. In 1871, Charles Darwin told his friend that hot springs contained various chemical substances. What kind of life might be formed in the hot springs and is preparing for more complicated evolution?

image.png Researchers have discovered that the water in the hot spring contains various dissolved chemical substances, and the water temperature is appropriate. When this water is mixed with organic compounds, it can produce chemical reactions and form a special chemical environment, which can produce simple cell structures. ! And this cell structure is the first step towards life.

One hundred years later, scientists discovered that there are volcanoes in the ocean, which are what we call hot springs. The "black smoke" that floats from these hot springs is rich in minerals, which are food sources for bacteria. Since the discovery of deep-sea hot springs, scientists have focused on the birth of organisms in the ocean, because the ocean basically occupies all of the earth before entering, and there is very little land. Therefore, the earth originally had a large number of deep-sea hot springs, and it is reasonable that life originated from the ocean.

image.png Of course, with the advent of mankind, science and technology continue to advance. The origin of life on earth is still a topic discussed by scientists. Perhaps this topic will never be clear. Human beings have begun to question their own existence and the existence of extraterrestrial life. Some people firmly believe There are extraterrestrial creatures in the universe, and some people say that humans are the only ones in the universe!

But organisms have a long process of adaptation. It is impossible to say that there are no organisms on other planets, just like the "white blind shrimps" living near the deep-sea volcanic crater. They can survive 450 degrees high temperature because they have evolved to adapt there. Therefore, there is life on extraterrestrial planets, but we are not adapted to their environment and cannot survive in their environment! image.png When there are a lot of bacteria in the hot springs, some bacteria start to produce oxygen, just like plants produce oxygen now. Geologists later referred to that period of time as the "Great Oxidation Event." The dinosaurs must have been born after the Great Oxidation, when the oxygen content in the air was particularly high, because the species became very large when the oxygen concentration was high. image.png The existence of oxygen allows complex species to evolve. Life needs oxygen to become stronger and more complex. At the same time, the emergence of oxygen also creates an ozone layer to prevent cosmic rays from causing radiation damage to earth creatures. Three billion years ago, creatures sacrificed themselves to produce oxygen to allow complex life to evolve, but now humans dig out fossilized creatures for fuel consumption and emit carbon dioxide into the air. It's like they created us, and because of our intemperance, they ruined our homes through them.

image.png What's more ridiculous is that maybe we will destroy the earth with our own hands, maybe we can contact intelligent alien creatures, or maybe we can't. But when intelligent creatures evolve, they will soon perish! It was not other creatures that caused the extinction, but ourselves.

There is a creature on the earth called "water bear bug", which can survive in the exposed space environment. It has been found in the Himalayas more than 5,000 meters and the Antarctic deep sea below 4,000 meters! On the earth, the water bear insect is one of the most tenacious creatures found on earth! "Xiaoqiang" couldn't rank in front of it. Perhaps the "water bear worm" is really an alien creature, or it may have evolved to adapt to the environment. image.png Our best umbrella is the earth, why do we look for earth-like planets? Our origin may always be a mystery! Does the evolution of a species not disappear? Why are the previously evolved species that we can only see now are fossils? Did humans evolve from the earth, or do they not belong to the earth? In other words, the last living environment of mankind has been destroyed and cannot be inhabited, and thus moved to the earth?

Later, we will talk about the hypothesis of human origin and the formation of the earth! 中文版 历史上高等文明的消失,也许说明了我们真的来自外星不是进化来的 一个生命的进化会不会导致这个生命的消失?为什么当文明时代足够高的时候,在一夜间都将不复存在?是不是我们人类来自另一个星球?当我们的技术文明进化到足够高的时候,就会回到来时的家园?玛雅文明消失是不是意味着他们的文明达到了那个星球的要求,就直接回去了? 历史上高等文明的消失,也许说明了我们真的来自外星不是进化来的 我们都知道地球已经存在了46亿年之久,但是我们的生命却只有100年左右。我们研究地球的历史,就是为了解开地球的起源和生命的起源,因为目前我们只知道在太阳系中虽然有类地行星,但是我们还没有发现类地行星上有生命。目前只有地球上的环境适合我们人类生存。

历史上高等文明的消失,也许说明了我们真的来自外星不是进化来的 我们的地球是独一无二的,它有板块构造,表面还有液态水,还有富含氧气的大气层。但是在几亿年前我们的地球也许并不是这样,只有通过古老的岩石层来发现我们地球演化的过程。

历史上高等文明的消失,也许说明了我们真的来自外星不是进化来的 我们说道历史生命的时候,一般都会想到恐龙,或者是水里的鱼爬到了陆地上,但是地球上最早出现的生命要比这生命早的多的很多,因为在澳大利亚西部,科学家发现那里的岩石存在了35亿年之久,因为这种岩石属于叠层,所以在这里就可以发现地球最初的生命诞生。

历史上高等文明的消失,也许说明了我们真的来自外星不是进化来的 地球出现生命之前,在化石中也只能发现一些细菌等简单的生命形式,大约在30亿年左右,但是在30亿年之前的化石要么被破坏,要么由于板块运动导致变形。所以,就有一个问题,地球的生命到底是什么时候开始的。

历史上高等文明的消失,也许说明了我们真的来自外星不是进化来的 科学家们在层叠石中发现了一小块特殊的岩石,后来经过确定,这是一块硅华(岩石的一种),这种岩石一般在温泉里才能形成。1871年,查尔斯·达尔文对他的朋友说温泉中含有各种化学物质,那一些生命可能形成于温泉中,正在准备着更复杂的进化呢?

历史上高等文明的消失,也许说明了我们真的来自外星不是进化来的 研究人员发现,温泉中的水含有各种溶解的化学物质,并且水温合适,当这种水与有机化合物混合,就能产生化学反应,形成某种特殊的化学环境,从而可以产生简单的细胞结构!而这种细胞结构就是迈向生命的第一步。


历史上高等文明的消失,也许说明了我们真的来自外星不是进化来的 当然,现在人类的出现,使科技不断进步,地球生命的起源仍是科学家探讨的话题,也许这个话题永远也说不清楚,人类开始质疑自己的存在,也开始质疑地外生命的存在,有人坚信宇宙中还有着地外生物,也有人说人类就是宇宙的唯一!


历史上高等文明的消失,也许说明了我们真的来自外星不是进化来的 当温泉中存在了大量的细菌,有的细菌就开始生产氧气,就跟现在植物产生氧气一样。地质学家后来把那段时间称作“大氧化事件”,恐龙肯定是在大氧化之后,空气中含氧量特别高的时候诞生的,因为氧气浓度高的时候物种就会变得很大。

历史上高等文明的消失,也许说明了我们真的来自外星不是进化来的 氧气的存在让复杂的物种进化,生命需要氧气来变强变复杂,同时氧气的出现还制造了臭氧层,防止宇宙射线给地球生物带来辐射伤害。30亿年前,当初生物牺牲自己产生氧气,使复杂的生命得以进化,然而现在人类却把已经形成化石的生物挖出来,当做燃料消耗,给空中排放二氧化碳。这就像它们创造了我们,同时由于我们的不节制,通过它们毁了家园。

历史上高等文明的消失,也许说明了我们真的来自外星不是进化来的 更可笑的是,也许我们会亲手毁了地球,或许我们能联系上有智慧的外星生物,或许我们联系不到。但是当智慧生物进化以后,就会很快灭亡!导致灭亡的不是别的生物,而是我们自己。


历史上高等文明的消失,也许说明了我们真的来自外星不是进化来的 我们最好的保护伞就是地球,为什么还要寻找类地星球?我们的起源也许永远都会是个迷!一个物种的进化难道这个物种不会消失吗?为什么以前进化的物种我们现在只能看见的都是化石呢?人类是地球进化而来,还是人类本来就不属于地球呢?或者说,人类的上一个生存环境已经被破坏的不能居住了,从而搬家到地球呢?


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