The function of teeth in animals.

The teeth of all animals tend to eat certain types of food. Herbivores, such as herbivores, have strong, flat molars that are used to grind small or non-existent leaves and canine teeth. Carnivores, the carnivores of the animal world, have many canine teeth for physical rupture, and sometimes a limited number of molars. Carnivores, because they eat meat and plants, have a set of sharp incisors and molars for grinding.

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Herbivore teeth are very suitable for eating plants. As plant matter is generally more difficult to break down, herbivore molars are wider and flatter, and are designed to grind food and aid digestion. Herbivore's incisors are sharp for pulling out plants, but they may not occur simultaneously in the upper and lower jaws. The white-tailed deer is a great example of a herbivore, with only the lower incisors and a stiff upper jaw, which helps to separate the plants. Many animals, such as horses and cows, have jaws that can move horizontally. It looks like an herbivore, and its front teeth are different from those of other animals. Strange as it may seem, ivory is actually a tooth, an incisor, which has evolved into a different type of tool commonly used for defense.

The teeth of carnivores are completely different from those of herbivores. This makes sense, because they also have different diets. A carnivore will use its teeth to kill prey before eating. Sharp front teeth and sharp dogs are perfect designs to make meals improper and edible. Canine teeth are easy to identify because they are the longest and sharpest teeth on either side of the front teeth. Molar teeth are smaller than other animals, mainly because most of the work is done by the teeth in front of the mouth. Although the presence of canine teeth does not guarantee that the animal is a carnivore, it shows that meat is part of the diet.

Humans are omnivorous, which means we eat a variety of foods, including meat and plants. Take a quick look at your teeth and you will understand the different shapes and sizes of carnivorous teeth. Human teeth are not exactly what you see in the mouths of all carnivores. Each animal that eats has teeth specially adapted to the diet of these animals. Animals with teeth, like humans, use molars, molars or incisors and canines, their teeth are said to be different. Each tooth is designed to cope with the specific role of the food it eats. The symmetrical teeth of most carnivorous reptiles appear when the size and shape of the teeth are relatively the same. These teeth are used more for obtaining food than for processing food.


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