The Future of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence has really been of tremendous help to humans and for generations to come the positive impact of the great invention will be felt as it will keep getting better and stronger. We have to be grateful for the invention of the intelligence system that has provided human race with a great level of comfort and calmness that makes our work really easy to carry out.

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When a robot is designed to carry out its task, the type of improvement made on those machines of late will make them look for every means to ensure that their assignment/task is achieved, it does not matter how the robot has been programmed, it has been filled with skills that will make it learn the more through other information it has been feed with and in order to make sure that this task is properly done, the robot would not mind going through every other route.

Most of the artificial intelligence system created now have the tendency to learn on their own and by themselves without waiting for a human to feed them with every bit of information they need. They can easily gain more knowledge on their own by a simple observation of the environment and a simple study of the next action of the other opponent. Now if a robot will do anything to achieve the requested assignment, let’s imagine what happens if it gets into the wrong hands and it is given a deadly assignment to do instead?

At the moment, we only have the narrow A.I that is built with a specific assignment and it is been controlled by humans but in the future we may have advanced level of A.I that will be designed to carry out any type of assignment and task with an inbuilt feature of been able to think of necessary task and look for better ways to carry out the task successfully.

In order to prevent this anticipated machine take over, is the reason why some experts like Elon Musk who is greatly interested in technology believes that humans merging into a machine form will be a better solution to prevent the total extinction of the human race and that is the reason why he has founded a company working on a type of neuron that will be implanted into the brain and according to him, the brain implant will solve every brain related issue and in the real sense it will make the brain work as smart and as fast as the machine, so when our brains can process as fast as they can then we will be able to surely stand on the same line with them.


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