The future of energy is green and digital

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As we have witnessed, our lifestyle requires more and more energy, especially in the current context generated by the pandemic and in the post-covid future where electricity is and will be critical to maintain connectivity and efficiency in working from home. And this reality highlights our concern about the increased emissions that are produced when generating energy and the impact this has on climate change. But the good news is that our society has become aware of the need for sustainability and that technology is the key to production and access to clean and sufficient energy, and important steps are already being taken towards an energy transition and digital transformation to build a more sustainable world. Society is aware of the need for clean energy sources. Source:

And how is technology helping to achieve this transition to green energy?

We know that wind, solar, hydro and biomass are the renewable energies that are leading the way towards reducing emissions worldwide; and digital tools are joining the clean energy sector to achieve this goal and shape the future of energy, such as the use of artificial intelligence and machine learning, which are being applied by several companies in their processes, in order to identify anomalies in photovoltaic power plants through algorithms, predicting weather conditions and even customizing service offerings according to customer profiles; wind power plants are also using big data to develop advanced wind prediction systems.

Other tools such as the internet of things allows the development of initiatives such as the Smart Home, which allows the customer to have greater control and decision on their energy consumption, even Blockchain technology is making its contribution, streamlining small-scale trade and make transactions with transparency, an example is applied by the company Iberdrola, which launched a pilot project based on the blockchain to ensure that the energy that is produced and consumed is completely renewable; Through this technology, the company was able to link the points where energy is generated with the points where it is consumed, making it possible to trace its origin and encourage the use of renewable energy.

Herramientas digitales.jpg Digital technologies are revolutionizing the energy sector. Source: image edited by @emiliomoron, original from

As we see friends, technologies such as AI and blockchain are revolutionizing the renewable energy sector, allowing processes to be automated and providing a greater degree of traceability, which can lead to better resource management. Therefore, in order to achieve decarbonization in electricity production, not only will renewable energy sources be necessary, but digital tools will be key to ensure the sustainability and efficiency of this sector.

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