The Human Race is a Galactic Embarrassment [Op-Ed]

Yeah I said it, we suck.....there simply is no better/nicer way to put it than bluntly! The Human Race is an embarrassment to itself and every other sentient race in our Galaxy. The simple truth is we should have never made it to space, hell we probably shouldn't have even survived to the point we are at now. We are, for the most part, a self-centered, hot-headed, delusional race of barely intelligent beings.

Modern day human beings started our current "Technological Age" over 200 years ago. During that time there have been over 300 Armed Conflicts (Wars) fought on Earth. There have been in excess of 5 billion people die, senselessly, in the name of religion, due to extreme poverty, due to extreme hunger or due to easily treatable/preventable diseases and illness'. We have poisoned virtually every centimeter of our planets Air, Land or Water.

The scary part of this is that if we had United as One Race (Human Beings) 200 years ago the following would/could have happened by now:

But that ain't is possible and easily doable. Here is how:

Without any wars being fought the countries of the Earth's military/defense budgets could be funneled into scientific and humanitarian projects. This would increase the annual research into such projects by $2-3 Trillion USD a year. If you factor in the global budgets for space agencies (Like NASA, ESA, etc.) the funding for scientific and humanitarian projects climbs to nearly $4 Trillion USD a year. Plus considering the fact that there would be no more need for secrets so every team on Earth doing similar projects could/would work together; thereby significantly reducing the time/cost to research, develop, prove and implement those projects.

We, as a species, must Unite or face our own demise!


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