The maker discusses the advantages of silicone and encourages building in-house brands overseas.

Including plastic and metal, the new R&D team will rank the use of silicone. Aside from these inputs, liquid silicone rubber and leather will be another option in ODM models. Quanzhou Yuanhua Communication Equipment Co. Ltd is a manufacturer of USB flash drives, memory cards, and modules. The supplier offers OEM and ODM products, using a range of materials, silicone spray, and surface treatment options. In an interview with Global Sources, general manager Xianghua Lin talks about the company’s R&D thrust and position on OBM. What should we expect from Quanzhou Yuanhua in the next half-year? What will be the R&D focus? The company will offer OEM and ODM services in the coming six months. For OEM clients, we will also render various surface treatment methods. Including silk-screening, engraving, and embossing. Various colors, materials, sizes, and packaging options will be available. Yet, we will continue offering designs in different materials.

Why silicone?

Silicone is an extraordinary material. The most stable polymer offers superior reliability. The excellent service life reduces production outlay. Silicone has chemical, electrical, and mechanical properties with the appropriate formulation. Remain virtually unchanged at -160 to 600 F. The compound is likewise unaffected by UV light and ozone. Because of all these qualities, silicone products are durable, environment-friendly, and appealing.

Speaking of production outlay, how are climbing costs affecting operations and prices?

Since rising material costs and the yuan’s appreciation are the main reasons for the increasing production outlay, Quanzhou Yuanghua plans to improve technical innovations and output to be more competitive. These USB prices have also been on an upward trend, albeit slightly. This coming buying season, quotes will be a bit higher.

Do you think the global economy has recovered?

We do not believe so. For one, the cost of raw materials continues to increase. Besides the many other difficulties companies need to overcome to boost exports substantially.

Should China makers continue to focus on? OEM export products or promote their brands in overseas markets? What challenges would companies with in-house brands have to face?

Quanzhou Yuanhua encourages building in-house brands together with quality services. Offering OEM and ODM services will never be a long-term policy. Suppliers should take into account both immediate and future interests.

As for the challenges, China manufacturers first would have to face their distance from overseas markets.

Secondly, exporting designs under in-house brands requires time, energy, and money. Uniqueness, originality, and quality are equally important in this endeavor. Although adopting advanced technology from abroad is very effective in boosting progress. It puts local suppliers in a passive position. Makers will get used to learning from others but not surpassing them. It is only through offering irreplaceable products. Can China companies succeed in penetrating the international market?

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