The New Era of Nanotechnology

Kohlenstoffnanoroehre_Animation.gif Animated representation of a carbon nanotube, source of domain images from Wikimedia Commons, Author: Original hochgeladen von Schwarzm am 30. Aug 2004; Selbst gemacht mit C4D/Cartoonrenderer, GNU FDL.

It never ceases to amaze me how technology goes beyond our imagination, the most fascinating thing is that every day an innovation is born, breaking all the paradigms of knowledge and science is what makes technology unique and cutting edge, which helps us every day for its progress in the world, because every day we assume challenges.

One of the new technologies, apart from green technology, the traditional one is in the era of Nanotechnology which comes from the quantum world, because it is a science or discipline that studies technology at a scale of the order of nanometers, at a very small level at the nanoscale, this discipline has served to work on the matter at the molecular level, This can be synthetic and natural, a more common example based on this technology we have the case of carbon nanotube filters for water cleaning, I also realized the smart phones on touch screens is also thanks to this type of technology, by handling graphite, because it is a two-dimensional nanometric material, as part of the carbon particle.

What makes this new technology very exclusive is that it serves as a basis for surface science, organic chemistry, molecular biology, semiconductor physics, microfabrication, and a wide variety of applications. In the field of medicine, it has been possible to manipulate DNA, and a nano-robot has already been designed, since new materials can be developed with it.

Another advance this technology is analyzing what metal materials can be used for electrical applications and also if you can manufacture more efficient solar cells than traditional ones, everything goes beyond our sight but at the level of particles can develop great things, on the other hand in the field of agriculture are developed new applications for plant care, making the crop is more optimal, thanks to where the nanoparticles are introduced through the stomas of the plant, to activate, everything is moving beyond dream come true.

Currently, we are analyzing the creation of policies that regulate this type of technology and its development, since it can design lethal weapons, lethal viruses, only some people are aware of what they see as the best business.



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