The recent growing concern is child become addicted on computer games.



The entertainment pattern has changed with the discovery of computers and modern technology. Now people of almost all classes have internet access. This internet and computer provide many games and entertainment. At present more and more children are playing computer games, and their popularity is increasing. In this blog, we will briefly figure out the positive aspects, and the negative effect of a large number of children, enjoy playing video games.


Time has changed a lot over the past century, and new technology has developed. The computers and internet spread out worldwide, people from children to old have access to this new technology. We are using in many prospects including entertainment. The children are enjoying video games on the computer. As a result, they have become well-known about computer and become a competent user. Their creativity, innovation, problem-solving thinking is developing. This skill about modern technology will help them to future career life. Besides, they may have developed, and updated current technology. As a result, they will bring new tech in the future.


However, there are several disadvantages could bring. Many children become addicted to games, a long period wasting on computers when they should study. Furthermore, growing with this virtual technology from childhood, they may not learn about real-life complications. So, they make separated themselves from the usual social norm. Some video games led to a rise in crime tendency among children and by showing violent scenes in the games. For example, often in video games shows enormous killing. Such activity will be very harmful to future social structures.

To sum up, there are both advantages and disadvantages to computer games. It is better to grow in a rule and regulation by balanced between computer games and physical exercise. So, this new concern should carefully handle by parents.


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