The Talented Mr. Ripley (1999) | A man who wants to replace a friend to become a rich second generation

Someone once said that summer in Italy depicted in this film is beautiful.

That's why I clicked on this film.

Sometimes, the reasons for watching a movie are so shallow.

Thinking that even if the film is boring, it's not bad to watch it as a tourist attraction.

It turned out that my idea was wrong.

That doesn't mean summer in Italy isn't beautiful.

It's beautiful.

It's summer.

A very typical Italian summer.

But behind the bright sunshine, there is a selfish, ugly and crooked side.

Films of this kind that depict the weakness or extremes of human nature are always very interesting.

And the film would enlarge it to the extreme, so that the person watching it would be exposed at once, sparking thought.

This is what a good film is all about.

In the film, Ripley is a person with very high imitation power, he is able to quickly imitate the signatures and voices of others, even quickly learning the music he is listening to for the first time.

He worked under Dickie's father.

Dickie is a lost and rich second generation free who just wants to vacation in Italy. Dad didn't persuade him to come back, so he paid Ripley to do it.

Ripley's just a poor kid. Inviting the boss's son home will not only make money, but also play in Italy. Why not?

So he left for Italy.

When she arrived in Italy and saw Dickie, she could only envy him. He dreams of becoming someone like Dicky: with endless money, endless vacations, and a beautiful and generous lover.

So Ripley started copying all of this, so that the people around him thought that he was from that class ...

But Dicky disagreed, still hated him in his heart, even dismantled him.

He was initially stimulated by the complexity of this inferiority, and it was even more terrifying.

When the two of them went to sea alone, Dicky died.

Since then Ripley has been Dickie.

Enjoy everything he wants.

Seamlessly connects between two roles ...

Out of inferiority, he stole other people's lives; selfishly, she used countless lies to cover up the facts ...

Did he kill Dicky with the wrong hand?

I think both.

The anger of being looked down upon combined with his desire to live well led to tragedy.

Jude Law was very handsome when he was young, and the rich second generation he played with had no sense of disobedience.

Simple, rude, casual, irritable, beautiful ...

Actor Peter is also a typical British handsome man.

Gentle, gentleman ...

Ripley also displays inferiority, passion, distortion and ugliness.

99 years old film.

At first I thought the images were unclear, or that the framing and soundtrack had an unsuitable impression of age.

But whether it's the pictures, the actors, the soundtrack, the costumes, the scenes, and the plot, it's all very interesting.

This is a film worth watching.


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