Things an Average Person Should not Spend Money on

Income is not the foundation of riches; the foundation of riches is dependent on how money is spent. There are a few things that take money off a lot of people’s wallet and these things are going to be discussed in this post.

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Miracle Products

A lot of people will always look for wrong solutions to problems and the surprising thing is they are willing to pay a very exuberant amount of money for miracle products like get slim tea, how they make a billion dollars and so on.

Subscribing for everything premium

There are a lot of people who do not earn much, but they are willing to subscribe for everything premium even when they are not getting much value from it. Why do you have to signup for a premium service that will only offer you things that are unnecessary?

Hiring a Mentor

First, if you are paying for a mentorship program, then you are not paying for a mentor rather you are paying someone for a job. Mentoring is supposed to be a voluntary action thereby nurturing a person to achieve their aim. Paying for a mentor is a waste of money, there are several people willing to mentor others for free.

Pyramid and Ponzi

This got me at one point in time in my life and I must confess that it was a bad investment at the long run. Ponzi is one thing a lot of people get into because they ant to get rich quickly.

House Poor

Buying homes that are beyond one’s income and budget is one bad way to spend money. When people spend money on homes they cannot afford, they end up suffering financial setback as a result of their bad decisions.

Money spent isn’t money gained unless used for profitable purposes.


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