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This phrase encompasses an existential dilemma of enormous proportions, since "Being" has physical and ethereal implications, because it goes beyond the simple fact of existing and goes into thoughts, actions, philosophy and ontological vision, among many others, of the individual..

Society or others differentiate the physical "Being" according to external features such as skin color, hair color, eye color, morphological conditions that in certain cases expose differences or physical defects that end up being the root of many discriminations, which are circumstantial, since they depend on the place where this "Being" lives.

For those of us who are not externally different, it is more difficult to interact with those who maintain a supposedly "normal" behavior pattern but plagued by these worldly vices, because the "Self" for us is not subject to the exterior but to the interior and ends up being imperceptible until "unfortunately" someone decides to put a "label" on it..

And the misfortune is that those who wear it do it so sportingly, that they do not even imagine the future damage it does to the person who goes from normality to being a "rarity".

And the saddest thing of all is that these "labels" revolve around the "fashion" or the economic, social, professional or political benefit that can be obtained by those who make it and that in the end also end up getting many people who are relatives, friends and relatives of those who have put it, as they use as a process of justification using in most cases, of the "pity" with which they make the rest see the condition of the labeled, this pity has also put the label of "special". .

Personally, not having that label made it easier for me to adapt, and to have a good interaction with those around me since I was free and there was a mutual respect for the circumstantial differences we might have, besides my space of exile was not seen as "abnormal", nor was I bombarded with derogatory epithets from my parents, siblings or friends..

So, although I went through an inhospitable world, proving Darwin right, about the survival of the fittest, I arrived at my age of awakening love with an unconventional characteristic such as naivety.

To be or not to be was not a problem for me, because the "labels" did not haunt me. Unfortunately this is not the current reality for those who are "different", since all those children diagnosed as hyperkinetic in the 90's, as carriers of "attention deficit" and similar pathologies, now in the 21st century have joined the list of "autistic" because for the psychologists who made fortunes treating people with the invention of "stress", the new panacea is that, and those "Indigo children" marked by the followers of the "New Age Current" with exalted physical, emotional and physical characteristics, have so much resemblance with the Aspergers, that the doubt remains if whoever "labeled" them did not ride on the reef of future opportunity..

We live immersed among sophisms and modern paradigms, among virtual realities that distort reality itself and among truths so fragile that do not support a logical analysis, so an uncertain future is looming for those born "different" "autistic" "Asperger" etc., because the external "Being", in spite of not possessing different visual characteristics, is being "labeled" by the "internal" and this is causing their freedom to be curtailed, transforming them into prisoners in a world of antisocials, who have crossed the limits of respect, believing themselves worthy of the world and the only bearers of the truth.

For thinking that feeling should be equal to expressing, only that the latter should have the spice of hypocrisy..


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