Traveling on the modulate frequency

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From the beginning by the communication of humanity and by communicating with another culture, I develop the necessary technology to make it a reality, which the information system and the media are very influential on society in its culture, you must know the frequency modulation, or frequency modulated (FM), is a technique that began to develop since the second war to establish communications with short and long-range Honda micro waves, since it is an angle modulation technique, which allows us to transmit information through a carrier wave varying its frequency. In the modulated signal is proportional to the instantaneous value of the modulating signal, this type of technology can be achieved for those who do not know, in sending digital data by the displacement of the frequency wave between a set of discrete values, which means that the Known frequency shift modulation and also frequency modulation was also used in the intermediate frequencies in most analog video systems, including the VHS system.

I think with the passing of time frequency modulation is the only feasible method for video recording and to reproduce the magnetic tape without extreme distortion, which means that a type of technology that remains current and very active in society , video signals with a wide variety of frequency components. In such a way, I also began to analyze that the AM channel also maintains a bandwidth that is between 10 KHz and 8 KHz, being clear that this frequency is lower frequencies, whose wavelengths are greater, the wide Relative to that of the modulated frequency, it is a difference from the FM frequency.

In this sense, AM waves can measure between 100 meters (3000 KHz) and 1000 meters (300 KHz). This is the type of wave that reaches the ionosphere and bounces off it reaches the signals of modulated frequency is lower than that of the modulated amplitude, it has a modulated frequency characteristic, it is transmitted between 88 and 108 MHz, that is, in frequencies very high, whose waves can measure between one meter (300 MHz) and ten meters (30 MHz).

Nowadays there are companies that compete for the quality of conventional FM, to measure high reception levels to enjoy a quality signal (S / N ratio greater than 50 dB), from another point of view technology with its Advances have achieved a phenomenon of mutation of the forms of organization and the integration of the strategy, where technology is linked in the company is oriented towards the implementation of digital technologies of production and transmission, using a concept where it is applied, Biotechnology so that part of support and response to the overwhelming change of innovations that affected its technical and communicative process will be incorporated, the rest is left to your discretion and formulate your ideal on this content.



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